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Sunday, August 7, 2011


As you know my entire Hollywood MK Deception series was taken down from youtube along with all of my favorites (which were merely examples of Hollywood MK activity), comments, bulletins and so on. Luckily, some incredible people managed to get their hands on videos from the series and upload them all over the internet making them available. The truth never dies. Thank you all. In return, I will post all of them here. My apologies for typos and crappy editing, I assure you, it does get better. You may have to pause them on occasion to read the text. As the series progressed, so did I as a video maker and human being and it does show as you go upward. Thank you all again.
I have re-created another youtube, located at to continue the series. I will be posting up to 30 and after that, the people who view these videos should have a clear handle on what is truly taking place in Hollywood. There can be no anger without deceit.

Hollywood MK Deception 11 by EsotericKitten

They get better from here:

Hollywood MK Deception 29 Part 1

Thursday, July 21, 2011

MONARCHS, Programmers and Info, OH MY!


In order to unspin the webs that have been spun and make a clear decision for yourself, I have chosen to provide you with information that will help you come to a conclusion on your own. In this posting, I have included some of my personal favorite material, speakers, insiders and ebooks that have been designed to educate the public on this nasty situation. Let's get to it.
(please note, the text in grey are live links that can be clicked)

Jay Parker first appeared (to my recollection) on a podcast located here at What on Earth is Happening - Podcast #17. (MUST LISTEN) In this podcast, Jay appears as "NEO", an alternate alias designed to hide his identity. Since appearing at the Mind Control Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April, 2011, he has come forward using his true identity. His testimony is astounding and has assisted me in pulling together loose ends in this MONARCH game and has helped me identify additional programming installed in MK victims that I would not have otherwise been able to do. Thank You Jay for your efforts.
In this podcast, he discusses " SPIDERWEB" programming which is designed to break the strongest of wills of those more stubborn MONARCHS who refuse to accept the program. You will find hidden spiderwebs scattered about the media. Here are some visual/media examples of this: (See more Jay Parker information below)

*Take note, these musical slaves are performing for the Elite.

Britney Spears wears knitted top with spiderweb

Reference to split personality

Hand gesture used for hypnotic induction on MONARCH


Jay Parker (Alias- NEO) Discusses his programming growing up in a MONARCH/Satanic family

More Jay Parker - speech at Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA, 2011.

Stephen Shellenberger See his IMDB Film Credentials HERE

Stephen Shellenberger was featured in television shows and films in Hollywood.

He is featured here in an episode of Tales From the Crypt:

Stephen Shellen in Gone in 60 Seconds:

Recently, he has come forward making it known how he was given these roles. In addition, he states that he was paired with an MPD kitten-style spouse and ultimately outcasted from Hollywood after attempting to fight to retrieve his wife and children from their MONARCH captivity. Currently, his family is overseas and possibly undergoing programming . Interview #1 begins here- click this link for mp3 audio interview regarding HOLLYWOOD and becoming a targeted individual . I have spoken to Stephen and he personally gave me permission to discuss this case. ;) Interesting to note - some actors/actresses are placed in "set-up" scenarios in order to ensure silence. Shhh....


Linda Stone is a Satanic Ritual Abuse victim who has come forward discussing the Dissociative Identity Disorder that we are focusing in on in Hollywood - although it is more widespread than just Hollywood. It is in your local communities, churches, schools, government offices etc. I have included some interviews for you to continue to analyze this problem - the more you learn, the more you will see this is portrayed in television on a daily basis and your favorite celebrities are FROM these families.

Here, Linda Stone speaks on a podcast with Riss Dizdar regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse cults and families as well as discusses the JonBenet Ramsey case. Pay close attention - she states that Boulder Colorado is a "LEGAL INCESTUOUS COMMUNITY"

Listen to internet radio with Russ Dizdar on
Blog Talk Radio

John DeKamp, Author of The Franklin Cover -Up:

" On November 4, 1988 the Omaha Franklin Credit-Union Bank was raided and closed by the IRS and the FBI. The raid and closing were conducted resulting from an audit on Lawrence King?s, the Franklin Credit Union's manager, (see key players page) personal tax returns.

Initially public investigators estimated King had stolen about $4 million from the Franklin Credit Union assets. By the end of their investigation, Officials totaled the missing assets in the tune of $39 million.

Along with the charges of embezzlement, reports came in that the FBI had confiscated child pornography, videotapes and photographs at Franklin Credit Union offices.

Investigators began looking into allegations involving drugs, sexual misconduct, child abuse, pornography, and satanic activity. Accompanying the allegations were the names of prominent individuals in the Omaha Community. Names Including: Alan Baer, Harold W. Anderson, then publisher of the Omaha World Herald, and Lawrence E. King. (see key players page)

In January of 1989 the Nebraska State Legislature constituted a committee to look into the child abuse and drug allegations. Twenty days later Nebraska State Attorney General Robert Spire called a Grand Jury to investigate allegations of what came to be known as the Franklin Case.

By February the formation of the state committe was threatened that their investgation would not receive the full support from local law enforcement. At the same time the Omaha Chief of Police, Robert Wadman, and Nicolas O?Hara, then head of the FBI in Omaha, declared they were unsuccessful in finding any evidence of child abuse related to the alleged perpetrators.

Nearly a year and a half after the doors to Franklin had closed Larry King and his wife Alice were charged wtih 40 counts of federal tax evasion. These charges would later stem to Lawrence, and his wife Alice's indictment on May 19, 1989.

Throughout the spring and into the summer the Franklin Case slowly moved through the court system until in August of 1989 when Gary Caradori (see key players page)was hired as Chief Investigator for the Legislature?s Franklin Committee. Over the next several months Caradori and his committee videotaped hours of victim interviews and exhausted every possible lead.

During those months Caradori met with the FBI and the Legislature to review his investigation. But no matter what he had it didn?t seem concrete enough for the FBI to take any further action. But in a June trip to Chicago with his son Andrew, he finally found what he had been in search of. Rusty Nelson (see key players page) had met with Caradori in Chicago, giving him photographs that could easily indict major suspects in the case. Tragically, neither Gary nor his son made it back from Chicago alive. Caradori?s single engine plane went down in Aurora, Illinois, where Robert Wadman had taken over as Chief of Police. Witnesses said that they had seen a flash of light and that the plane came apart in the air. More unusual was that pieces of the plane, and all of Caradori?s personal items were missing when the Police arrived at the crash site.

Shortly after Gary Caradori?s death Troy Boner (see key players page ) and Danny king, two of the four main witnesses recanted their testimonies. After the recants the case started to fall apart for the prosecutors. The two witnesses who stood by their testimonies were later charged with perjury, which was unheard of for the age of the witnesses. Witness Alisha Owen was indicted on eight counts of Perjury, while the other witness Paul Bonacci was indicted on three counts of Perjury. Both Owen and Bonacci were sentenced stiff jail time, which both served in full.

Days after Bonacci and Owen's indictments, the Grand Jury threw the whole case out, labeling it a "Carefully Crafted Hoax," (See related publication page) issuing an unusual and unprecedented report.

While years have passed, many Omaha natives have put this dark part of Omaha behind them, but many stones went un-turned. Throughout the Franklin Case. John DeCamp (see key players page) worked alongside Senator Loran Schmit as his advisory lawyer, but after the case fizzled he started investigating the case on behalf of different victims. After years of investigating the case DeCamp wrote the Franklin Cover-Up (see the Franklin Cover-Up page), which serves and an invaluable resource in the education of this forever unraveling case.

In 1999 John DeCamp represented Paul Bonacci in a lawsuit filed against Lawrence King. The judge presiding over the case finally handed Franklin prosecutors their first legal victory, awarding Bonacci $1 million, to be paid by Larry King himself.

DeCamp and others continue to fight for justice, working to expose those responsible for these heinous crimes." (Source Here)


Conspiracy Of Silence Video - 2 hour documentary on Boystown /Franklin cover up...which never made it on air:

SVALI - Illuminati Programmer

I have posted on her before, but decided to post on her again because her testimony as a programmer is valuable and relevant to this information. Svali is an ex programmer specializing in trauma based mind control techniques and splitting the minds of cult members in order to program desired results to exploit each individuals gifts. She herself was programmed and conditioned under this rule and managed to escape in order to tell her story. Her current whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Click here for direct download on Svali's E-book from my shared folder. (You can also find the Hollywood MK Deception Series in this 4shared folder also along with other information regarding mind control and associated collateral.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hollywood MK Deception Series Taken Down

Hi all. Well, I guess we made it far enough before the forces that think they be decided to take my account down under the guise of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

What prompted this removal of my ENTIRE series? This latest installment of Hollywood MK Deception - Multiple Personality Disorder in the Media Part 1: could have been the bulletin citing the OBVIOUS connection between the Casey Anthony case and the MONARCH media game...

Cindy Anthony wears BUTTERFLY/MONARCH earrings in the courtroom

Classic MONARCH identifier - pedophelia/sexual abuse/ incest.

And of course, no MONARCH family is without the classic incest secret, making this yet another implication that the ANTHONY's are involved in generational INCEST. Surprised?

Oh...and let's not forget Casey's forgetfulness and possible NO TALK the sight of the MONARCH BUTTERFLY perhaps?

If in fact, these are one of the many warped MULTIGENERATIONAL INCESTUOUS CULT MONARCH FAMILIES, this would make perfect sense... Otherwise, its just another media mindgame that the public tries to unravel, takes sides or ignores alltogether.

Some interesting links that you may want to take a peek at:

Cindy Anthony gets an interesting tattoo

The Casey Anthony Distraction

The more I speak, the more they say SHHHHH!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Think You Know?

I wanted to toss some stuff up there for the ignorant folks who enjoy slipping their anonymous comments into my posts which I personally think reek of ignorance and flat out stupidity. Maybe some additional compiled data will shut you naysayers up and give you more celebrity swill to swoon over while these people suffer.

For those of you who observe this information and find it more than obvious, thank goodness there are those who can decipher the games being played and the abuses in plain sight.

Here are some clips of blatant tales of childhood sexual and physical abuse from the abused themselves. Which alters are speaking up, we do not know, but we know that they are speaking and that's what's important.

Too many abused and mentally ill people in such a small group of people in one profession and/or central location - doncha think? I think so.

AXL ROSE rant onstage regarding Rolling Stone Article detailing childhood family sexual abuse:

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins talks about childhood abuse:

Corey Haim & Corey Feldman argue over childhood sexual abuse:

Tyler Perry sexually abused:

Marilyn Manson Abuse:

Janice Dickinson sexually abused by father:

Howard Stern childhood molestation:

Actor Robert Hughes accused of molesting child co-star:

Michael Jackson discusses abuse:

Oprah takes her Handling to another level - Building and running a Charm School in AFRICA:

And not too far after her "idea", she apologizes publicly for the rapes taking place at her girls home in Africa: (NOTE THE TRAUMA- we are talking about TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL)

Danger from The Love of Ray-J expresses abuse

Todd Bridges molested as a child:

Actress Mo'Nique molested as a child:

Monique's Brother on Oprah admits to molesting Mo'nique

Mackenzie Phillips Molested/Incestuous relationship with father:

Additional links:

Teri Hatcher Molested as a child
Mickey Mantle molested as a child
Queen Latifah molested as a child 
Gabriel Byrne molested by a priest
Carlos Santana molested 
Jack Nicholson product of incest

Self Destructive Behaviors - Alters coming forward to punish those who tell"
Tila Tequila Self Destruct:

Alter Ego Jane Cordovez is active:

Pink - Performing SPLIT PERSONALITY:

Nicki Manaj switches alters on LIVE TV:

Reports of Mental Instability:
Megan Fox states she is mentally unstable and will die young:

Reporter claims Britney Spears is Bipolar:

Additional list of abused celebrities:

Alexander Pushkin (poet) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse

Andrea Dworkin (author/activist) rape

Angela Rose (activist) sexual assault (visit Angela's site here )

Angela Shelton (actress/model/director/actvist) incest

Angie Dickenson (actress, etc) emotional abuse

Angelina Jolie (actess) child abuse (sexual?)

Anne Heche (actress) incest

Anne Sexton (poet) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Antwone Fisher (author) emotional abuse/child sexual abuse

Axl Rose (musician) child sexual abuse (according to

Baby Lyssa Chapman (famous bounty hunter/daughter of Dog) statutory rape

Beethoven (composer) unspecified child abuse

Beth Chapman (famous bail bondswoman/wife of Dog) domestic violence

Bill Clinton (former U.S. President) secondary domestic violence

Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape

Billy Connoly (comedian) incest

Brett Butler (actress) domestic violence

Britney Spears (pop singer) child sexual abuse (by father)

Carlos Santana (musician) child sexual abuse

Carrie Otis (model) rape

Chester Bennington (musician) child sexual abuse

Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence (by father)

Christina Applegate (actress) dating violence

Christina Crawford (author) emotional abuse

Cindy Williams (actress) emotional abuse

Clara Bow (actress) incest

Connie Francis (singer) rape

Corey Feldman (actor) child sexual abuse

Dave Mustaine (musician) child physical abuse/secondary domestic violence

Dave Pelzer (author) multiple forms of abuse

Derek Luke (actor) child sexual abuse

Desi Arnaz, Jr. (actor) emotional abuse

Dog the Bounty Hunter (famous bounty hunter/reality TV stars) child physical abuse

Dorie VanStone (author) multiple forms of abuse

Drew Barrymore (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady) unspecified child abuse

Elizabeth I (Queen of England) teenage sexual assault, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Loftus (psychologist) child sexual abuse

Ella Fitzgerald (singer) abuse

Emme (model) emotional abuse

Erin Gray (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eve Ensler (playwright/actress) incest

Fantasia (singer) teenage rape

Farrah Faucett (actress) domestic violence

Fiona Apple (musician) childhood rape

Florence Holway (artist/activist) rape

Fran Drescher (actress) rape

Gabrielle Union (actress) rape

Gavin DeBecker (violent crime expert) psychological abuse

George Orwell (author) unspecified child abuse

Greg Luganis (athlete) abuse

Halle Berry (actress, model) domestic violence

Henry Miller (writer) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Henry Rollins (musician) child sexual abuse

Janice Dickenson (model) child physical & emotional abuse

Janice Mirikitani (poet) incest, Janice's story is featured on a DVD sold at RAINN's site

Johannes Brahms (composer) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Jonathan Davis (musician) child sexual abuse

Joyce Meyer (evangelist, author) child physical abuse & incest

Kirk Hammett (musician) child physical & sexual abuse

Laveraneus Coles (athlete) child sexual abuse

Leslie Triber (author/poet) abuse

Lorena Bobbit - marital rape

Lynn C. Tolson (author) incest/domestic violence/sexual assault

Madonna (pop singer) child abuse

Marie Waldrep (poet/activist) incest/domestic violence

Marilyn Manson (musician) child sexual abuse

Marilyn Monroe (actress) child physical & sexual abuse/childhood attempted rape (according to violence

Marilyn VanDerber Atler (former Miss America) incest

Mary J. Blige (singer) emotional abuse/childhood rape/secondary domestic violence

Mary Wollestonecraft (author) child physical abuse

Mata Hari (famous spy) domestic violence

Maya Angelou (author, poet) childhood rape

Maynard James Keenan (musician) child sexual abuse

Meat Loaf (musician) peer abuse/parental physical abuse (?)

Mike Patton (musician) neglect/child sexual abuse

Michael Jackson (and his siblings) child abuse (by father)

Missy Elliot (rapper, producer) child sexual abuse/secondary domestic violence

MoN'ique (comedian, actress) child sexual abuse (by brother)

Nicole Brown Simpson - domestic violence (very likely murdered by OJ)

Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) child sexual abuse

Ozzy Osbourne (musician) child sexual abuse

Pamela Anderson (actress) rape/domestic violence

Patricia Weaver Francisco (author) rape

Patsy Cline (singer) domestic violence

Patty Duke (actress, etc.) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Paula White (evangelist, author) child sexual abuse

Queen Latifah (rapper/actress/model) child sexual abuse

Rain Pryor (actress) child physical abuse/teenage sexual abuse

Richard Nixon (former U.S. President) unspecified child abuse

Rita Hayworth (actress) incest

Rhianna (singer) domestic abuse

Robert Blake (actor) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Rosanne Arnold (actress) child sexual abuse

Rose McGowan (actress) religious related (SRA?) abuse

Rosie Perez (actress) child sexual abuse

Rosie O'Donnell (actress/ex Tv host) child sexual abuse

Rudyard Kipling (author) unspecified child abuse

Sandra Dee (actress) incest

Sinead O'Connor (musician) multiple forms of abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Stasi Eldredge (author) rape

Suzanne Somers (actress) emotional abuse

Teri Hatcher (actress) incest

Tina Turner (singer) domestic violence

Tom Arnold (actor, etc) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Toni Childs (musician) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Tori Amos (musician) rape / child abuse (by uncle)

Tyler Perry (actor) child abuse

Virginia Woolf (author) incest

Viva (actress) child sexual abuse

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lindsay Set For Self Destruction

If you have been following my material, you will understand that there are two specific celebrity Monarch assets that I am particularly concerned about, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. It seems to me that Miss LILO is running out of time as her alters have been triggered to run amok.

We have confirmation of Lindsay Lohan's alters, Diane and/or Margo:

"The Lindsay Has Two Faces?
Lindsay Lohan’s odd behavior in the weeks since her release from a four-week stint in jail and rehab — including clipping a baby stroller with her Maserati and failing two court-ordered drug tests — has spywitnesses close to the former “Mean Girl” concerned that the star may suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.
Note black & white striped top and wrists covered to conceal cuts

In a turn of events so bizarre that it has all the trappings of a bad Hollywood B-Movie (I Know Who Killed Me, anyone?), snitches in Lohan’s Camp believe the troubled actress has “alter egos” that have kept her career on the skids and are preventing her from keeping her nose clean — literally.
The Chicago Sun-Times writes: “‘Some of us had wondered if Lindsay was bipolar, given her mood swings, but I’m thinking it’s more than that,’ said the source, who claims LiLo has on occasion called herself ‘Diane’ or ”Margot.’ According to the insider, Lohan has explained the odd behavior as her way of ‘getting into and out of character’ as an actress — ‘pretending to be other people.’ Supposedly, friends have urged Lohan to seek professional counseling for this issue, but to no avail…”

Lindsay's destructive alters have been set loose (possible from her brief stint in rehab) and she was recently photographed  injecting some substance (assumed to be heroin) into her arm and back.

Months before these reports and confirmations of Lindsay's alter egoes, she was sentence to jail/rehab on the same day that her lawyer magically decided to quit defending Lindsay and left her in tears.
 In addition to the lawyer setup scenario, Lindsay appeared to be taking notes which are visible here, citing TMZ (there's those Paparazzi/Lawyer criminals again) having something to do live streaming. TMZ will ALWAYS bring you the inside scoop because they ARE the LEGAL SYSTEM in Los Angeles.
Note the "Shhhh" tattoo on Lindsay's index finger

Adding to the courtroom frenzy, Lindsay arrived at the courthouse with her nails done colorfully, but on her middle finger, read the words "FUCK U".  I suspect either a handler sent her to the gallows in this way or a feisty alter attempts to tell the court system its host is embroiled in, a piece of it's mind - literally.

Ironically,she was imprisoned/ being mindfucked in a Southern California rehabilitation center around the time where Quentin Tarantino's Machete debut was being promoted.  Lindsay played a killer nun on the film but was unable to make it to the premier. WHY?  Perhaps she doesn't recall making the movie in the first place.

                                                                       Machete Trailer

Lindsay Lohan is also photographed kissing and fondling Paris Hilton the same evening the images with the needle were taken.  These photos are important as Paris has some involvement with Lindsay's programming.  So much so that Lindsay is seen here calling Paris a "cunt" and being triggered from the backseat from a handler in her entourage to forget her statement moments after she says it.
Seeing as though Paris comes from a long line of the elite multi-generational incestuous Hilton family, (if you didn't know that, you do now) we can see how simple it is for Paris to be involved with many Hollywood "party girls" programming, including trauma, public beratement, porn, abuse and other fun Monarch skills she was born to emulate. She is quite the "ROLE-MODEL" as designed.

More Lindsay and Paris confusion:

Also take note that Lindsay Lohan is a self-mutilator/cutter.  Behaviors in cutting are typical with sexually abused individuals as well as those programmed for self destruction.

                                              "I RESTORE MYSELF WHEN I'M ALONE"
Lindsay has a new tattoo after exiting rehab - note the ever-present cuts

Also understand that the celebrities who are accused of bulemia, starvation, anorexia and other eating disorders undego HEAVY food and water deprivation inflicted upon them by their handlers. They are kept entranced - black & white is consistent with the Lohan team.

    Lindsay has also been used in porn feature films, only you and I get the washed version.

Take into consideration Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, the model citizen, Disney Asset Daddy and creep pervert pedophile - he holds the keys to Lindsay's alters as many others do.

So how did we get to this from this?

Hollywood is run by the CIA and this girl is a MONARCH asset and will be facing her final setup for an overdose.  She is currently being used as a scapegoat for yet another prescription pill overdosed celebrity.

Even Alex Jones is stirring the pot in the conspiracy world adding to her future demise blaming pills and overlooking her mental disorder:

And don't go trying to look for help with these talk show hosts who are TRAINED to handle MPD/DID assets, they know and they don't give two shits about these people.

Statement from Courtney Love, January 2009:
"DISGUSTING! lohans rapist convict daddy is trying to put her under this Consvatorship shit and guess where her money is,,,,, without her knowledge and PBOC>  theres not much money from lohan but i hink its power rather than money and i think this cosvertorship shit will become common"
Courtney Love paid dearly for those statements

Interesting, as today, the day this is being posted, September 29, 2010 - Lindsay Lohan's mother is filing for conservatorship over Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay trains ALI how to be a kitten in front of cameras as instructed
Both of her parents are involved in her enslavement having sold her into the MONARCH program to begin with, along with little sister - BOTH undergoing Trauma Based Mind Control.
Which programming sadist is on the phone?
What is being said?

Mommy gets the money, we the people get to watch the Hollywood created snuff film designed for our insatiable need to watch others suffer and the Multiple Personality Disordered celebrities keep making more assets. What will YOU do about what you now know?

I hate it when I'm right. DO SOMETHING!