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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hollywood MK Deception 12 - Generation Next

Here we delve into the next generation of bruised butterflies and traumatized children - who are the future. We glimpse briefly at pedophelia as the primary basis for trauma-based mind control. Since this is a generational situation, the hollywood babes in toyland are growing up - and being programmed. Clips are added from popular films - that now have a completely different meaning. It's time to put the movie tickets down and pay attention to what is TRULY taking place in plain sight. Can you stomach Project Monarch/Disney programming? Some don't have the option.

More Programmed Programming the Programmable

Beyonce "Upgrades You"

Pay close attention to Mrs. Carter in this video. She begins with jewel programming (jewel in mouth) and takes off running with her "shit talking" - mirroring her husband Jay-Z's words. She prances around with a diamond choker with a padlock (padlocks are common for slaves (see Taylor Swift's grammy performance)and spinning a diamond in her mouth. Not to mention the golden "UPGRADE" charm dangling from her teeth. Beyonce has all of the upgrades available for her Presidential Model status...but why not influence the other's to get an upgrade...instead of being tossed in rehab?

Lily Allen - The Fear

I cannot BEGIN to explain all of the themes featured in this video. The lyrics, such as " that's how I'm programmed to function", "I'll take my clothes off, it will be shameless" and "I'm packing plastic" tells us we have another little MK dolly to play with...or at least buy her music from her owners.

Some MC (Mind Control)

Mariah Carey has been someone that before my Godsmack, I considered "fake". Apparently I wasn't too far off. Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Matolla (CEO of SONY) before she became a household name, debuting on VH1 with Vision of love in 1990's album, Daydream.


Her music saturated the air constantly - rainbows, butterflies, honey - all kinds of nonsense that I couldn't stand hearing. Years later, I understand why she seemed to be so "fake". She would be yet another multiple personality disordered starlet under all KINDS of programming. She has had "breakdowns", "meltdowns" smash hits, dated fellow MK'd Eminem/Slim Shady/ Marshall Mathers (MM) and is now married guessed it. Another MK product and handler in training, Nick Cannon.

Here are some interesting shots & videos worth looking at. If you are familiar with these themes used in these videos, you should be ready to vomit after seeing this PUBLICLY RELEASED highly publicized " music videos" and images. Hold off for lunch if you can.

High Profile Tabloid MK'd MonsterPerez Hilton was kind enough to share with us his knowledge of Mariah

Mariah Carrey's (MC/Mind Control)Altars are Obsessed With her Shell Persona

Mariah Carey Bye Bye

This is an interesting song/video where MC dramatizes about those who have gone. Sisters, brothers cousins...dead? Interesting butterfly ring that she ALWAYS has on...and a quick clip of Fort Meyers (most likely a programming facility) and Key West - same. Just watch

Through The Rain

Mariah Carey's Twin is Heartbroken

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hollywood MK Deception 10 - Upgrades for Grabs

This is an updated video highlighting the illuminist photoshoots that are used in a multiple manner. To continue to entrance viewers, provoke emulation as well as reinforce programmed condition and see who has been upgraded with specific programming. The publicity IS the marketing tool for hollywood cult slaves and handlers. Who is the highest bidder for high end perversions? Perhaps you will take notice on your own.

Hollywood MK Deception 11 - Down the Rabbit Hole

This installment is a brief highlight into the character "White Rabbit" who is the imaginary friend and time keeper. This theme is used heavily in the MK Monarch/Bluebird Trauma based system as the victim knows the white rabbit to be the handler, programmer, controller, manager of time (there will always be missing time with multiple personality disorder because the personalities each use blocks of time that the others are not aware of). The Alice in Wonderland alternate reality, Harvey the imaginary white rabbit friend, Donnie Darko and naturally the NEW Alice in Wonderland film have all been featured in this short. Keep a sharp eye out for the clip with the letters flying down the hole and assemble into the movie title. It is also a sexual image, as in the animated sperm (letters) flying through the vaginal walls and stopping at the cervix. Check the words "CAME" and "WAVE" in the letters. We are STILL watching this shit.

I decided to go ahead and add this entire Johnny/Tim interaction which I find to be LOADED with words, triggers and hand gestures coming from our magical friend Tim Burton. This was recorded as a guest appearance to promote the new programming upgrade version of Alice in Wonderland.
Just watching the interaction between these two-note the boyish submissive behavior of Johnny as Tim takes hold of the conversation. I think there's more to this promo.

More Johnny & Tim Burton discussing Johnny's singing career. Note Mr. Burton with the blue shades & blue shirt with the black jacket. (bluebird handler) Aside from the basic banter, the trained eye can now spot the hypnotic hand gestures masterfully implemented by Mr. Burton. Johnny reacts to these gestures-some in plain sight where he is actually looking at Tim's hands, other reactions are more subtle. There is a pattern with these two while they interact. It is usually Tim managing the situations with various methods (words, gestures, movements, redirecting the conversation)and Johnny reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, notably uncomfortable, jittery behavior.