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Saturday, January 23, 2010

American "Eye" Dolls & MK 19 and 20

Hey folks,

I wanted to drop the latest videos here for your deprogramming pleasure along with some other interesting treats I've found.

Geneology shows Hollywood Elite related to Political "figureheads". Incest anyone?

More incestuous connections with political puppets and Cult Hollywood:

Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) Interview

Hollywood MK Deception 19 (INTRO)

Hollywood MK Deception #20

Additional press coverage on the Prison Army FEMA camps Roseanne Barr mentioned in the video above.

If you have not been made aware of the FEMA camps it's time you go ahead and investigate this as soon as possible. FEMA is not an organization that has been put into place to assist disasters. They are in place to enforce the new inquisition and depopulation program. Check out FEMA Executive Orders.Let's take a trip down memory lane to Oliver North and the kickoff to this shitstorm:

*Note - two gold emblems, whic are bundles of sticks wrapped up in twine with an axe at the top - they are called fasci.They are centered in black marble frames on each side of the flag/podium. Fasci? As in Fascist government? In the US? How long as that been there?

US Dime in circulation from 1916 - 1945
Called the "Mercuty Dime"

Click here for more surprising information on the fasci

What are they really up to? That New World Order is beginning to look more and more likely.

Here is some interesting information from Svali, ex programmer (now missing)

Take it in ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your deprogramming!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Roseanne Barr Joins Cathy O'Brien

Roseanne Barr (sufferer of DID/MPD ) has joined forces with Cathy O'brien and Mark Phillips in their quest to stop mind control. I need to become a bit sharper in reporting these findings, because for some reason, these thing tend to surface whether I report them ahead of time or not. I have been meaning to look further into Rosanne Barr after discovering links between Multiple Personality Disorder, finding photographs of her in standard kitten pattern, and of course the shady union between she and Tom Arnold.

Roseanne joins a venue speaking alongside guests Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, Dr. Colin Ross and others regarding the CIA/MK Ultra/Mind control. This was uploaded on Christmas Day.

Tom Arnold admits he was sexually abused as a child and his film Gardens of the Night has him playing the character of a pedophile. How many actors have this pattern again? Must just be one of those coincidences that just keep happening over and over for no reason what so ever.
Tom Arnold takes Jason Davis to Rehab

Feel free to click the image for a closer look at the rug/blanket.

Apparently in 2001, she appeared on Larry King Live discussing MPD/ Programming and torture, sexual abuse as a child and Michael Jackson suspected MPD/DID?
Click here for article
I was unable to find the video to Rosanne Barr's interview with Larry King, where she divulges information regarding her multiple personality disorder. But should you choose to read the transcripts, click here
Here we have Roseanne Barr on the ladies show, The View.

Rosanne's Blog comments reported on CNN.

Rosanne says, "Let's Take It All"

So this my life, my true E-Hollywood story. It's the story of multi, multiple multi-faceted girl, woman, boy poet, dancer, comedian, singer, freedom fighter, warrior, message bearer, performer, mother, sex partner, wife, actor, producer, director pioneer, autistic child, survivor of post dramatic stress, borderline bipolar, overweight, Turrets sufferer, multiple personality disorder, obsessive compulsive victim of psychiatric, planting of false memories, heretic witch, crone, take your pick. There's been about 300 diagnoses which proves shrinks have been my only friends."

I don't know how long she will be booked onto these shows or what the arrangements are regarding her views and such, so get these while they're hot! Feel free to rewind Bill's remark on Roseanne's multiple personalities.

More fire-tipped arrows aimed at the controllers. Hopefully in the near future, Nancy Pelosi does receive the gift that keep on giving as offered at the tail end of this clip. If in the event Roseanne was used as a slave/mental database, there is a good chance there is a considerable amount of data unfolding very quickly. Get ready to watch it happen.

More Roseanne:

In addition, she states in the transcript where she attempts to explain how her alters take over:
KING: OK, what is it?

ROSEANNE: It's more like there's young parts. And you know, sometimes you make childish decisions when you should be making adult decisions. And child parts come out when adult parts should be there. So basically, you do a lot of embarrassing things, you know.

KING: All right, when the child part comes out, does the adult part know the child part is coming out?

ROSEANNE: No, no, not until later.

KING: So you have to be told what you did?

ROSEANNE: Well, in my case, I would always see it on the news.

No Monsters Allowed

She states in the transcript that co-star John Goodman was physically abusive at times and frightening person. And as usual, we have the all-too familiar rehab stint for John in 2007
But with a Red-Orange Glow Pictures, Images and Photos
At this point, I don't quite know what to make of it just yet, but here they are, Cathy, Mark & Rosanne all speaking up in regards to the Monarch control.

The logo on the DVD that is for sale has me like ?