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Saturday, January 23, 2010

American "Eye" Dolls & MK 19 and 20

Hey folks,

I wanted to drop the latest videos here for your deprogramming pleasure along with some other interesting treats I've found.

Geneology shows Hollywood Elite related to Political "figureheads". Incest anyone?

More incestuous connections with political puppets and Cult Hollywood:

Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) Interview

Hollywood MK Deception 19 (INTRO)

Hollywood MK Deception #20

Additional press coverage on the Prison Army FEMA camps Roseanne Barr mentioned in the video above.

If you have not been made aware of the FEMA camps it's time you go ahead and investigate this as soon as possible. FEMA is not an organization that has been put into place to assist disasters. They are in place to enforce the new inquisition and depopulation program. Check out FEMA Executive Orders.Let's take a trip down memory lane to Oliver North and the kickoff to this shitstorm:

*Note - two gold emblems, whic are bundles of sticks wrapped up in twine with an axe at the top - they are called fasci.They are centered in black marble frames on each side of the flag/podium. Fasci? As in Fascist government? In the US? How long as that been there?

US Dime in circulation from 1916 - 1945
Called the "Mercuty Dime"

Click here for more surprising information on the fasci

What are they really up to? That New World Order is beginning to look more and more likely.

Here is some interesting information from Svali, ex programmer (now missing)

Take it in ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your deprogramming!


  1. heya...just wanted to say that i love all your info and videos. damn, i wish i had someone to talk to "live" about all this stuff though, this is too deep and complex for most of my friends and family to get into, so I just am in my own head with it all.
    oh and if you check out my blog it is not symbolic..hehe...i just like cats and all animals and they make me happy to be alive in this messed up world.
    keep it up woman, i love your point of view and bits of proof of this mk nutzoidness that is so prevalent in our modern pop culture.
    i'm almost done of tranceformation and it's so hard to believe how disgusting and corrupt it all is, but i do my own research and it all connects the dots.
    anyhoo...i'm so blabbing..
    have a good weekend..i just wanted to say i appreciate your investigations!!! :D

  2. How can anyone jump from one evil to another like organized religion??? All of christianity was the creation of the RCC and the protestant denominations are just the harlot offspring of the mother whore. The bible is the story of the illuminati and the chosen/elite who butcher, rape and steal their way through life. The OT god was one heinous child-raping bastard and a petty tribal god. Jesus openly claimed he spoke to the common people in parables so they couldn't understand the true message yet he taught his followers the 'mysteries' in private. The Book of the Revelation of Christ is certainly the revealing of jesus. It reveals him as Lucifer.

    All religions are manmade for the sole purpose of control and to make sure mankind will fight and kill in the names of their gods while the 'elite' make billions off these wars. Will people ever learn?