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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Dream Team

I realize that it has taken me some time to get back to this blog, My sincerest apologies. Technical problems of course...

So here we are, looking at the two Core(y)s, Mr. Feldman and The Late Mr. Corey Haim.

Now, from my recollection, I remember the media being saturated with these two in the 80's and 90's - the two combined was conveniently called, " The Dream Team". I can say that from my own personal experience, these two boys had the full attention of the teenagers in that era.

As a fan of these two I will also say that I am saddened by this loss. I will try to present the information as clear as possible, most of the programming knowledge will have already come from previous series uploads and should be comprehensible throughout. No stone will go unturned on this one friends.

MK Deception 22 The Product

This video highlights some damaging MK related footage, including clothing, items, dialogue, triggers, and suggestive imagery regarding the Two CORE(Y)'s. I did not touch on the Coraline (CORE-ALIGN) film, I probably should have because the entire film is animated programming including the name and is connected to their names. Anyhow, the actual film is not crisp and clear but it is pretty obvious what is taking place.

This particular upload shows the late Corey Haim (blonde hair) confronting Corey Feldman concerning a sexual assault that took place in Corey Feldman's presence when he was 14. Haim also admits that Feldman (black hair) is still associating with the offender. These two have been seen together for years, have made multiple films together, (9)  public appearances together, and if my assumption is correct, can easily trigger the other. Corey Feldman's hands were on fire once he made it through the gate - Haim asked them both not to speak. Why would he ask that of them after knowing Feldman his entire life and who knows how long Feldmans wife (also a playboy model at one time) has truly been in the picture?

Why would a lifelong friend ask the other to commit suicide? The hand motion used before he left was one of a 666 commbined with what appears to be an undoing or stretching/pulling motion.  They both mention "done".
Also a notable moment when Corey Haim responds " Great performance Corey". Plenty of other interesting things to keep an eye out for in these video clips.

The Two Corey's Intervention.
This really pissed me off, I was not surprised to see Todd Bridges ( Especially since his Different Strokes child co-star died of an overdose ) and Pauly Shore in this mix. - Big names are perfect  for situations where a member has memories resurfacing or is beginning to express selfhood. The target will be under the barrage of calls and visits from other members who are involved attempting to draw them back in and find out what they have been doing and thinking.  If there is no success, the target will experience some form of character assassination or setup scenario.
I cannot say if he is clean or not clean, but I can say that he is persistent on driving the point that he has been doing ok, he is fine and he does not need anyone to help.  The frustration builds as the case is being built against Haim with the cameras rolling, by fairly recognizable public media "stars".  There is a push for Corey to need assistance, however, he appears to believe otherwise.  You will always see a trail of "celebrities" offering support to one of their fellow fallen brothers. What kind of help is the question. And WHERE are they getting these drugs from? - If you need more information, please see the Svali post and reading materials or simply begin digging into the MK ultra Monarch program for starters.

 We see Corey Feldman here as a teenager with Miss Drew Barrymore on his arm strolling down the red carpet.  When I stumble across this kind of stuff, I have to pause and think about how coincidental it is to spot what's taking place.  It's amazing what's in the background, the shit that's used over and over in front of an audience who has no idea is unnerving.  I am unable to make out the identity of the woman in the black dress with the massive butterfly on it, but there it is in plain sight.  The MONARCH's monitoring their blooming assets.
I suspect some Twinning programming with these two especially after making nine (9) movies together.  Having had them being glued to one another while going through the standard dehumanization/humiliation/stardom combination - these two "heartthrobs" show some serious signs of being connected at another level beyond what the public suspected.

More on Twinning:
Hollywood MK Deception 22 Part 2

Corey Feldman's performance at the Premier of "The Two Coreys" "reality" show. If you know what to look for you would know that the symbol on Corey Haim's chest is a butterfly.  MONARCH programming uses items, clothing and other sorts of crap to remind their property of who they should be and what they should be doing.  What a shame.

These two acted in what is reported as "A Hollywood Cult Classic", The Lost Boys in 1987.  This happened to be one of my favorite films years ago and I picked it up again around Christmas last year.  The irony.

*Scene from the Lost Boys with Haim and Feldman preparing for a vampire attack. There's so much cryptic symbol use its amazing.  Less sophisticated, but its there.  Be sure to look at the background. The direct link will take you to the entire film upload on youtube.

Here's some interesting footage that was recorded during the taping of The Lost Boys Sequel.  It shows Corey Haim has a pill problem, and silently recorded sounds in his dressing trailer, as well as erratic behavior. Who gave Haim the bag with the pills in it?  It's almost as if his undoing or "unsetting" is being orchestrated then recorded.


 *Corey Haim says he turned 14 on the set during the making of Lucas.  I wonder if any of the cast members would know anything about his sexual attack at age 14?  During the taping of The Two COREYS, Corey Haim came clean to Feldman about being present during a rape that took place when he was 14.  He says Feldman did nothing.  And he rises to stardom after the film which made him famous?  The very same film he was acting in when he turned 14?  What better way to do it than when someone is in the middle of a project,  Dave Chapelle rings a bell with this theme.  And, the media explosion, teen magazines, interviews, spotlight.  To their knowledge, they are in the best case scenario - very few people have the opportunity to rise to stardom.

Still wondering with all of this press coverage over the film Lucas, and attention he was receiving as a child, makes you wonder why it was such a hit when the media is owned by the same people?

License to Drive 1988

Dream a Little Dream
Note the cat prints in the gymnasium and the girl wearing red, black and white.  Michael Jacksons likeness is invoked here.  Why do they use him so much?

Dream a Little Dream 2
Note the mind controlling sunglasses and more MJ?  Look closely at 1:44 - hand gesture.  

Trailer for the Film - BLOWN AWAY featuring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim with Nicole Eggert (Charles in Charge) as a love interest. 1997  Another teen queen from that timeframe. Note the increase of sexuality in the film. Observe: 

Here's an additional Blown Away Trailer: Does anyone notice they have taken teens and put them into dramatic violence flicks at this point, complete with sex and murder? No one gives a shit about these kids?

Demolition University
Topped off with your basic terrorist attack propaganda horseshit, long before September 11th.  It just keeps going...

This image depicts Corey Haim  to be undergoing sexual programming.  We know that the clothing they wear (as well as other items) will occasionally have an advertisment/enforcement/dehumanizing reminder of their training. This kind of almost pedophelliac  imagery goes unnoticed and instead is mimicked by the "consumers" who want to wear this crap because their "idol" is wearing it. Unfortunately for those undergoing programming, this only enforces that the world is "in on it" and there is no one to tell.   
 This is an interesting picture below, we have Corey Haim and Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin.
This is an interesting clip From Corey Haim in the 90's.  Sexual appeal is pretty open in this clip.  I thought the lizard theme floating device in the pool was great.  The camera angles are done perfectly for pedophiles and of course the opening shows, 3 Corey's, - Me, Myself and I.  He says a few interesting remarks in this clip.

Corey Haim on Arsenio Hall

Corey Haim Roomies Promo

Corey Haim Roomies:  Corey Haim who plays Matthew (which I have also found the Matthew bible scripture to be connected to twinning programming) is trying to get into a fraternity. Keep in mind that at the time of this show, the two coreys we're already very popular in the teen pop era. WHO are the writers of Corey's lines?

Remember which version We the People get. I hope you can see right through the media spin on it. Remember to look at their clothes, gestures and background!

Interesting clip with Corey Haim on the set of a film he was shooting. Note the wristband:

Corey Feldman McDonalds Commercial

Thought it was noteworthy to present some interesting connections to Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson. No shooting the messenger.

Corey Feldman Dream a Little Dream Clip:

Corey Feldman Dream a Little Dream 2 Clip:

There's that emphasis on Michael Jackson again.  How many times is that now?