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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Grammy's Knights

I made it a point to deliberately watch the entire Grammy's show In January, expecting to see a few scattered MK themes here and there, but I discovered something much more elaborate taking place on television.  It appears the Red Cross is affiliated with the Freemasonic order, quaintly titled, The Order of the Red Cross.  I do recall touching on the Red Cross briefly last year, just scattered pieces of information was presented here, although I didn't have much to go on at that point.  This time thanks to the Grammy award celebration, they made it much easier to pinpoint the affiliations and connections.  Check it out:

It appears that whenever disaster strikes, since the Red Cross is frequently connected with the military,( it is privately owned) blood collection/donation and foreign aid...we will almost always see them when there is some form of need.

The problem is, this is merely another private association disguised as a charity, and it is being promoted by celebrities.

Before I delve into the grammy's I did a bit of back tracking into the way that the Haiti disaster was handled publicly. Quite a few celebrities came forward to request the time and support of their fans and citizens world wide.  These are really busy people pulling together a pretty well developed telethon sponsored by The Red Cross.  Tippity top of the line performers and entertainers here. That ten dollars added to your phone bill will be going towards whatever they decide to put it towards, and your cell phone information is now floating around in a database, probably many.

There's that familiar black and white stripe combo again.  I wonder if this is an alter performing?

I'm not even going to get into Beyonce now.
So while watching the Grammy's, I came across many disturbing findings, some I was able to jam into a video.  Here is Hollywood MK Deception #21.  Sorry it tool so long, it was in the works but technical issues prevented me from finishing the post. 

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  1. Wow. You must be kidding... But I know you are not. At the risk of being a fool looking unto the ends of the earth, I have to ask.. Where do we start?

    Simply amazing... "The deception will be so great even the elect would be fooled if that were possible."