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Sunday, May 2, 2010

MK Cartoons

Who didn't love cartoons as a child? Some of the best cartoons were delivered to television screens on Saturday morning from the mid 70's era to the late 80's. Here are some interesting clips of cartoons from my freshly dusted off memory. Some of these are peppered with more subtle clues on who may be behind the animations and storyline. Someone somewhere behind a desk or projector has to approve this content before it is widely distributed to the children viewers. Naturally it was then, as it is now, an excellent tool in which to persuade the mind as well as desensitize with repetition. It's funny how I actually enjoyed revisiting this crap. The influence of these cartoons for young children is astounding...not that I would know anything about unruly behavior. ;) I can't even list the pile of nonsense that is stuffed into these cartoons. I hope your eyes are sharp.


She -Ra (RAH) happens to be He-Man's TWIN sister.  TWIN.  Yeah, and she too has an alter after she holds her magical sword and says "By the Honor of GREYSKULL!" (CLICK HERE FOR SKULL & BONES VIDEO) .  She defends the Crystal Castle - jammed with pretty jewels for JEWEL/GEM programming for kids. Of course she has a HORSE (BEASTIALITY PROGRAMMING). It gets better.

She-Ra's entire crew is under the rainbow!

He Man is just stuffed with MK material/dialogue/imagery. He-Man is the Prince of Eternia, who guards Castle GREYSKULL.  More skull and bones injection.  Taking some time to actually sit and watch episodes, I was shocked to find MANY comments relating to sexuality.

  Not only that, but Adam (ATOM) who is He-Man before his glorious magical shift into alter persona, is wearing feminine colors.

After he raises his sword (just like his twin sister) he switches alters into He-man and of course the Knights of Malta cross is spread across his chest.

This clip is actually pretty warped - check this out:

Something tells me these Knights of Malta guys shouldn't be allowed within a mile of children.

Jem and the Holograms

This cartoon ran from 1985 to 1988. Three years worth of a cartoon about a girl who has magic earrings that turn her into a magical popstar. AND her boyfriend is bumping with both of the girls...who are actually one. Lot's of secret keeping in this cartoon.

In addition to the subtle infidelity in the cartoon, we have Jerica (Female version of Jericho) who is the daughter of a music company executive.  She finds a holographic machine called "Synergy" who blesses Jerica with RED earrings that will change Jerica into JEM. (click Jem link for references to JEMM, SON of Saturn - Jemm symbolism is frequent with Lady Gaga)
We have a multiple personality disorder alter reference yet AGAIN in these cartoons.  Not to mention the influence and MK trigger gestures buried in speedy animation. (Lady Gaga's outfit is a BAPHOMET.  Nice eh?)

*See links on the right of this page to Jewels, Metals & Color Programming.


Time is running out...

JEM get's recruited from a Talent Show/concert event.  VERY similar to Star Search/American Idol fashioned programming display. Check out Jem's hand action as she sings.

Naturally MK'd friends all respond to the initial MK trigger/satanic gesture.  Yes, even in the cartoons, and yes, it's fast.

More Fun MK programming with the lizard theme...AGAIN.  This time, it's Conan the Barbarian cartoon.  A group of hero/warriors head off to the Royal ball for some fun with the Elites - Monarch's of course.