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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gabriela Rico Jimenez

This video was put into my favorites on my youtube, but most tend to get buried. Here is the caption to the video uploaded by EXOMATRIXTV.


April 07, 2010

credits to: Quote by Prince Philip: Cannibalism is a radical but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation.

Her name is Gabriela Rico Jimenez. Carlos Slim is an actual Mexican elite worth 53 billion US $'s, you can check him on Wikipedia. She is no doubt a mind control victim. It would be nice if someone can confirm the translation, I noticed some spelling errors like "discusting" so if they can't spell basic words they might have messed up the translation.

Carlos Slim: (Purchased shares in the New York Times Newspaper)

More on Billionaire Carlos Slim

Below is the best translation i can find......the girl is genuinely upset. shes also pretty enough to get to be somewhere to see something she shouldn't. I wish I could understand what she was saying.

Gabriela Rico Jimenez, twenty-one years, lashed out at staff at a luxury hotel in Monterrey, and accuses the Queen of England to practice cannibalism.

It also denounces the murder of a scream that Murillo (seems to be a leader Antinarco who died in a plane crash in Mexico City where she landed five minutes missing).

The girl, who seemed in shock, shouting that she want her freedom and insists on asserting that they ate humans, referring repeatedly to the Queen Elizabeth II of England, among others.

Although the news has been called a crazy and distorted information, it behaves as if it had witnessed something difficult to digest, and hence its status nervous and deeply upset.

One of the things she says is that "everything started in 2001, the one that knows the truth of what really happened is Carlos Slim" (he is the the worlds 3rd richest man, and the guy that owns Telmex, a phone company and other stuff).

"I was knocking on doors, what I wanted was my freedom."

"Look at me, you ****er (I think)" "Is this how you wanted to see me? Well, look at me! I'm here!" 2:38

"I want you to give me the maximum sentence, so Scotland, and Russia, so all the countries __, Murillo wouldn't be ashamed of her sons, because they're worth so much, cause they need their father, you're a __, and its gonna hurt your soul!" 3:19

"Leave me alone! Get away from me! You took me to the police station, didn't you? and then you took me to the hospital. YOU! you were there, weren't you?!" 3:34
Quote: "That's why they killed the Queen of Scotland, the Queen of England!" (then she mentions something about the princesses of Disneyland)

"They killed a lot of people! They ate humans!" 4:13

"That's disgusting! I didn't know anything about this!" 4:21

"I mean, I didn't know what was there, but THEY ATE HUMANS! They smell like human flesh!" (I think she's talking about whoever ate human flesh or something...)

"No, where are you taking me?! I'm not going anywhere until everything gets clarified!" 4:36

"You were the ones that kept me there! You were there to retrieve a copy so you - 4:43

Oh, and she was talking about Mouriño, who was a member of the government, but he died in a crash plane under mysterious circumstances, right after being criticized by another party and various people.

Gabriela Rico Jimenez: "They had eaten human Curious ...

This Mexican girl of 21 years, in what seems at first sight, a scene of someone who has lost the "reason" may be saying (or saying) things of which we called "conspiranoicos" We know a lot. And something strange is that Carlos Slim complaint regarding the death of Mouriño and royalty and accusing others of "cannibalism." All this while the media trying to discredit her as a "more crazy" and "crazy girl"

"They ate human, I was not aware of anything, I had ... or if the killings .. But they had eaten human, human! (4:11 minutes)

Note that it mentions names like "mickey mouse" or "superman" that journalists used to reinforce the theory of madness, but that may well be mental programming keywords (MKULTRA). As many know Illuminati use. Pedophile networks using names such key names that are familiar to children, she also mentioned that all this started around 2001 meaning if she is now 21 years she was probably only a girl.

See later in the minute 5:18 where the reporter is clarifying note, the head of the newscast interrupted to say "Well yes, said incoherent things" just when the reporter was listing the things Gabriela said, and could have passed unnoticed to people. Otherwise, you will see during the video there is some kind of censorship that is used when saying "swearing" but only where the girl sometimes you can see the lips, saying that he was not swearing, but otherwise, but unfortunately lost in the censorship I would like to see the full video with no edits. "

Frankly I do not think that Gabriela is crazy to me is clearly a victim of these "people" without scruples, who move in and meet in secret ... these lodges antibody (because they have sided with the enemy) these in their rituals and their prostitution rings and marketing of the girls used for their rituals and lower pleasures.

Here is the video of Gabriela Rico Jimenez.


Also, it's good to note that people are finding this material and spreading it.  Check out what this incredible person posted on Spokane Craigslist:

 Link is here:

MK Kitten Shakira holds on tight to Carlos Slim:

Carlos Slim and Diane Sawyer:

 For those of you who are Diane Sawyer fans, here's a nice clip of Miss Sawyer using a hand/word combo to draw out Britney Spears' alters:

Mr. Slim Is one of the richest men in the world.
Thought it was pretty interesting that the guy here, (Handle IMPERIAL) was banned shortly after posting this story along with other "conspiracy theories".


  1. I have filtered the Voice of Gabriela, with a computer program and let me tell u my friend, pretty much the whole translation u have posted here is wrong! dead wrong! it makes her look like she is actually talking nonsense, when in reality everything she was saying was very ascertive and logical, because the unfiltered sound of the video some words r mistaken for others but she made sense with everything she said. P.S Yo creci en la ciudad de Mexico y mi espanol es perfecto hablado y escrito por eso es que te digo que gabriela dijo muchas verdades.

    1. Post the correct translation

    2. sorry to tell you but i'm mexican and the translation he posts here is correct! she is not crazy , she is actually talking about her freedom and that Slim knew it all. she said that she knew about the murders of politics but not about that they ate humans, she was shocked cus of that.....there is some info that says she was a sexual slave of Slim.

  2. on you tube, if you type in 'soccer aid 2010 penalty shoot out part 2'from about 6.55 i think i saw mike myers use the il cornuto on woody harrelson before he takes a penalty. possible programming, what do you think?

  3. The second poster can die of aids. And I agree in some instances she sounds like she's saying one thing. "Comeseria-carniceria(butcher shop?) But if somebody would like to help me find/locate/get in touch with/contact this poor young lady your assistance would be greatly appreciated, I'm going to find out everything I can and am going to spend my time money and resources just too see if she's better, she needs serious help and can't be expected to function in society without it :( she's probably a dumpster diver by now. Contact me if interested. My YT account is 702NotH1ngN3sS ty

    1. Hey, did u find out anything about her ?

    2. I am willing to help in anyway possible?

    3. ¡Lo más impactante es cuando Gabriela acusa a la Reina de Inglaterra, y a otras personalidades influyentes de la sociedad mundial, de celebrar reuniones rituales para comer seres humanos!.. 8| 8|Gabriela hace mención a unos extraños personajes a los que ella llama Mickie Mouse y Superman; quizás fueran nombres en clave de algunos de psicópatas del poder; quizás fueran los apodos de algunas de las víctimas. David Icke en su libro "El mayor secreto" revela que cuando los iluminados de las órdenes secretas violan a menores se suelen colocar unas máscaras infantiles como pudieran ser la de Mickie Mouse u otros personajes similares. Muchos quizás no den crédito a un suceso como éste. Sin embargo, debemos hacernos la siguiente pregunta: Si este testimonio, que fué grabado por la televisión local de Monterrey, fuese mentira, ¿qué ganaba la joven mexicana Gabriela Rico con montar semejante follón en la vía pública, y con lanzar tan graves acusaciones contra las altas personalidades?... ¿qué de bueno le reportaría tal actuación y tales acusaciones? Al final, según se informó, la joven fué trasladada, supuestamente, al Centro Psiquiátrico de la Colonia "Buenos Aires", y a partir de ahí se pierde la pista y ya no se supo nada más de Gabriela Rico Jimenez.

      Fuente: El contenido del post es de mi autoría, y/o, es un recopilación de distintas fuentes.

  4. I am not a denyer of experiments and secret society's etc. - But it is pure ramblings.. You need something of substance.. I genuinely feel sorry for her and I am not one to say that someone did'nt do something to her or if she is just fucked on shrooms.. But I will say.. For me.. That does'nt do much.. I have heard more substantial accounts and they can also be found on youtube..

  5. Where does she mention Carlos Slim?

      Second 53 into the video

  6. Anonymous, if you know what was said and the transcripts are wrong. Could you please post them up for all to read? I don't want to judge you or discredit you. I am just asking out of pure curiosity. Yo tambien hablo espanol y me interesa saber mucho de este tema, Gracias.

  7. That first poster is a real jackass. If you know the correct translation then POST IT!

    lasvegaschap702, I can't seem to get into contact with you. Please leave an email. Please.

  8. The first poster is a lying idiot! I can understand, read and write Spanish and what she said was translated correctly. That first poster is a troll shill!

  9. This is really interesting you know...
    Do you think artists like Beyonce and Rihanna have alter egos like Britney too?

  10. Hey! Esoteric!
    i've got a lead email me! Martinj322 at gmail

  11. Translation programs don't work and require some cleaning up. What is posted is not exact but close enough and does get the similar message across.

  12. Interesting that annonymous keeps posting

  13. any news about her !

  14. Jean Succar Kuri....

    the pieces fall together

  15. I work with a Mexican dishwasher! I've learned Spanish just by working with him! It's on! Who would of thought finding Hispanic translation could be so hard?!?!? I'll have the full translation Friday!

  16. I looked up Carlos Slim.
    I just read general info on his life.(wikipedia)
    I found it interesting that while his wife was alive, she was very active in Organ Donation.
    Something that a group of people who eat human flesh would be interested in, don't you think?
    I sure hope that this poor woman is still alive, I can not even imagine the torture that they have put her through since she was a child.

  17. I'm sorry but Gabriel Rico Jiminez, is no more, she's gone...perhaps she was glad when she finally drifted out of her broken body, & upwards towards the stars.

    No matter how optimistic you want to be about this, she was trying to expose a (group of) Billionaire(s) who participated in sexual magick/pedophilia/necrophilia/cannibalism/satanism/etc.

    1. Really? How do you know?? It's true that people like that don't live that long. That probably took her to the ward and shot her up with poisons later on claiming she died of allergic reactions by the drugs they gave her.

  18. @ trauma...whaaat?? are you serious she is no more?? how do you know???

  19. any newa about her?

  20. Hey I am from Guatemala and also a Foreign Language interpreter, your translation is accurate to what the girl is saying. Good Job what i'd like to know is where this young lady is at now? perhaps they murdered her after all of this.

  21. The translation is right.. Just a couple words taken out of context when translated but the message is right... And to the retard that says anonymous keeps posting.. lol..

  22. alot of the translation is and my wife listened to it. and most of the words they were bleeping out were names..My wife only speaks Spanish

  23. Gabriela's MySpace

    Her boyfriend's MySpace

    Their friend Brian:
    Brian's album:

    1. How do you know its her site? Did you know her still alive or what happend to her. Thanks

  24. It is amazing info you get to let people know what is going on behind the curtains.
    Great stuff! I have searched in your website for links or information of people or groups that are willing to work against NWO. That is my research and all I find is info about it, about what they do etc.... but I haven't yet come across a group of doctors, lawyers, community, farmers... that are willing to take action against them... I mean by now there are a lot of people that already realized one way or another that they have been damaged in some way. Specially by doctors with all the drugs they prescribe, that we now know most of the drugs are killing people.
    How come we never heard of a huge court process against a group of professionals that are involved in all this? A court case against a pharm. industry....
    For instance, on the MKUltra program, was there ever a programer accused of anything? Was there ever a psychiatrist ever condemn of programing their patients? Is there any psychiatrist that deprogram a programed person. Isn't funny that everyone just talks about all this, but there s no action, or professionals willing to do it.
    It just seems there is a lot of talk and no action at all. The victims of all cases, seems to be shut in one way or another, they either get killed, or go to prison, or they get locked up in an psychiatrist institution, or worse. For example the case of Gabriela Rico Jimenez, she is now in a institution, how come no one even bother to pursue what she was saying. It seems she really had something really horrible to say about all this. How come a girl, and I supposed she never had a history of dementia or something similar, how come it is so easy to just impose dementia on someone nowadays?
    I would say a real movement on freeing Grabriela and empowering her with lawyers, and giving her a safe place to stay while she reveal all this. In order to really give her a fair chance to expose what she knows, instead of simply call her nut. Should actions like this lead to some truth really expose.

    A movement on FREEING/FIDING Gabriela Rico Jimenez from the institution of lies. If she is gone like some say, it is a criminal case to find out what happened to her. Someone should know something.

    1. yes we need to handle right now. i know technics against theyre technology and i know posibilitys how we can end them quickly. also i will love to help, to get her out of this shit. but we need to handle wisly and carefuly at all. im not affraid off them, but we need to care for her.

  25. What has happen to us all!!!
    Gabriela Rico Jimenez is/was a girl trying to expose something really serious, misteries that has been amost us for too long. We live in a society that is a lie and the governants and kings, queens are the big liers. It is a pain for an average person to have their bills reviewd in case they are wrong. There is no justice, it is all make up. How many children are missing in the world? Where do they all go? We know their face on the back of receipts or cartoon of milk. How strange is that so many children are missing...For a long time there is no efford to persuade to get to the bottom of crimes, because all know the bottom is the highest nowaday. We are govern by criminals, killers, cold blod muderers, that make Hitler sound like fairy tale. They do everything under everyone's nose. It is disgusting. I see a lot of talk, and info, but I can't find anyone who has gathered to really persue a case, like the one Gabriela Rico Jimenez. What really happen to her after that? No one knows.

  26. How come today it is possible to declare someone is delusional specially if their breakdown it is really because some hiddeous information they have and it is actually a cry out for help. Soon police will be able to enter your house in your absence and if you notice someone was there, and even have some proof and decide to bring it up you will be risking to be called delusional.

    How confortable it is for the high end criminals to have this system set up to register someone in a psychiatrist hospital, even if the person never had any psychiatric problem before. I can understand getting her to a doctor to calm her down for the moment of stress, but to simply call someone deslusional or such is simply over reacting, an abuse of power on the situation.

  27. Unfortuntely we have been worring too much about things that we shouldn't: work, career, mortgage....We lost track of what is at stake. Our humanity, that is at stake. Some part of society has rendered themself to a group of lies, they stop believing in the one thing that keeps humanity human. God and his teachings. Our society is today based on demons' philosophy, all around to the point that some people has actually became already antichrist, not only denying God but also commiting the worst heresies. It is know how unfortunately satanism has become popular specially amongst youth and all other desguised forms, angelical teaching, religions that teach you to connect with demons (saying they are angels). Most people has literally become cold as ice and selfish. We unfortunately live today in a psychopathic society, because that is what they do. And that is not a work of a man, it is work of demons, the doom has started. God's power is working. There is not a document in whole history that a society in this state of decay should continue. Some people are laughing at all this, suddenly He will come. I wish people could turn to God and repent sincerely. Do pray to the God. May Jesus Christ's peace be with you all. I am God's people and I love God for what He gave us, Salvation.

    1. I'm not one of those laughing. You are so right, and so spot on, that I am replying to a five year old comment.

      Stay right with the LORD friend.

  28. The subject that has cold murdered a lot of people in silence and declared all of those who tried to expose insane. Society has to be prepare for the elite/satanic ultimate chocking revelations. The bible mentioned many times, alerting us for the reality. The bible also says that whoever seeks the truth God is safe. They can't touch those who are under protection of God, they simply can't. We all have sin and God knew that would happen. Repent, turn to God, pray to God for His protection and He will give it to you. Trust God, He trusted and loved you sending His son to alert us of all this and to rescue us. Trust God and don't let them take the precious peace that was given to us by Jesus. Our faith will be tested by God, on these degenerated times.

    Here are some links I found typing "cannibalism elite" on search engines. Some are related to elite, other some facts about it and some even show how elite are persuading this topic to be a "common" topic. Today's TV shows are full of cannibalism involved. And Prince Philipe apparently does not care to keep it a secret any longer.

    I believe that a reptilian story is just bullshit, to again divert people from God and the bible, because "they" know it is the only power they can't compete. It is happening exactly what is written in the bible.

  29. This is an outrage!!!

    On the faq she clear state that they prefer to keep in secret their sources. How can even be a cannibal RESTAURANT working and stating that! She clear says the types of clients they have.

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  46. soy mexicana y la traduccion es muy similar yo se que el señor mouriño de quien ella habla estuvo relacionado en trafico de drogas y claro que fue un asesinato que los noticieros nunca reconocieron apesar de que era evidente, hay muchas verdades en lo que dice gabriela que quizas nunca se van a saber pero lo ultimo que puedo decir es que estoy investigando y estoy cerca de saber lo que paso con gaby...

  47. Christ is the answer, my friends.
    I learnt all about the NWO from Barry Smith in the 90's.
    Check him out on Youtube...

  48. Hospital Siquiatrico Colonia Buenos Aires, Monterrey. Personas de Mexico y otra paises hicieron llamadas en español. Y al decir el nombre "gabriela Rico Jimenez", el funcionario del siquiatrico se ponia nervioso, y al verse presionado explicaba que no podia dar informacion sobre Gabriela por telefono, solo en persona.

  49. Hospital Psiquiátrico SSNL is located at Capitán Mariano Azueta 680, Buenos Aires, 64800 Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

  50. somebody know if she is still alive?
    alguien sabe si aun sigue con vida?