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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Think You Know?

I wanted to toss some stuff up there for the ignorant folks who enjoy slipping their anonymous comments into my posts which I personally think reek of ignorance and flat out stupidity. Maybe some additional compiled data will shut you naysayers up and give you more celebrity swill to swoon over while these people suffer.

For those of you who observe this information and find it more than obvious, thank goodness there are those who can decipher the games being played and the abuses in plain sight.

Here are some clips of blatant tales of childhood sexual and physical abuse from the abused themselves. Which alters are speaking up, we do not know, but we know that they are speaking and that's what's important.

Too many abused and mentally ill people in such a small group of people in one profession and/or central location - doncha think? I think so.

AXL ROSE rant onstage regarding Rolling Stone Article detailing childhood family sexual abuse:

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins talks about childhood abuse:

Corey Haim & Corey Feldman argue over childhood sexual abuse:

Tyler Perry sexually abused:

Marilyn Manson Abuse:

Janice Dickinson sexually abused by father:

Howard Stern childhood molestation:

Actor Robert Hughes accused of molesting child co-star:

Michael Jackson discusses abuse:

Oprah takes her Handling to another level - Building and running a Charm School in AFRICA:

And not too far after her "idea", she apologizes publicly for the rapes taking place at her girls home in Africa: (NOTE THE TRAUMA- we are talking about TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL)

Danger from The Love of Ray-J expresses abuse

Todd Bridges molested as a child:

Actress Mo'Nique molested as a child:

Monique's Brother on Oprah admits to molesting Mo'nique

Mackenzie Phillips Molested/Incestuous relationship with father:

Additional links:

Teri Hatcher Molested as a child
Mickey Mantle molested as a child
Queen Latifah molested as a child 
Gabriel Byrne molested by a priest
Carlos Santana molested 
Jack Nicholson product of incest

Self Destructive Behaviors - Alters coming forward to punish those who tell"
Tila Tequila Self Destruct:

Alter Ego Jane Cordovez is active:

Pink - Performing SPLIT PERSONALITY:

Nicki Manaj switches alters on LIVE TV:

Reports of Mental Instability:
Megan Fox states she is mentally unstable and will die young:

Reporter claims Britney Spears is Bipolar:

Additional list of abused celebrities:

Alexander Pushkin (poet) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse

Andrea Dworkin (author/activist) rape

Angela Rose (activist) sexual assault (visit Angela's site here )

Angela Shelton (actress/model/director/actvist) incest

Angie Dickenson (actress, etc) emotional abuse

Angelina Jolie (actess) child abuse (sexual?)

Anne Heche (actress) incest

Anne Sexton (poet) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Antwone Fisher (author) emotional abuse/child sexual abuse

Axl Rose (musician) child sexual abuse (according to

Baby Lyssa Chapman (famous bounty hunter/daughter of Dog) statutory rape

Beethoven (composer) unspecified child abuse

Beth Chapman (famous bail bondswoman/wife of Dog) domestic violence

Bill Clinton (former U.S. President) secondary domestic violence

Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape

Billy Connoly (comedian) incest

Brett Butler (actress) domestic violence

Britney Spears (pop singer) child sexual abuse (by father)

Carlos Santana (musician) child sexual abuse

Carrie Otis (model) rape

Chester Bennington (musician) child sexual abuse

Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence (by father)

Christina Applegate (actress) dating violence

Christina Crawford (author) emotional abuse

Cindy Williams (actress) emotional abuse

Clara Bow (actress) incest

Connie Francis (singer) rape

Corey Feldman (actor) child sexual abuse

Dave Mustaine (musician) child physical abuse/secondary domestic violence

Dave Pelzer (author) multiple forms of abuse

Derek Luke (actor) child sexual abuse

Desi Arnaz, Jr. (actor) emotional abuse

Dog the Bounty Hunter (famous bounty hunter/reality TV stars) child physical abuse

Dorie VanStone (author) multiple forms of abuse

Drew Barrymore (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady) unspecified child abuse

Elizabeth I (Queen of England) teenage sexual assault, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Loftus (psychologist) child sexual abuse

Ella Fitzgerald (singer) abuse

Emme (model) emotional abuse

Erin Gray (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eve Ensler (playwright/actress) incest

Fantasia (singer) teenage rape

Farrah Faucett (actress) domestic violence

Fiona Apple (musician) childhood rape

Florence Holway (artist/activist) rape

Fran Drescher (actress) rape

Gabrielle Union (actress) rape

Gavin DeBecker (violent crime expert) psychological abuse

George Orwell (author) unspecified child abuse

Greg Luganis (athlete) abuse

Halle Berry (actress, model) domestic violence

Henry Miller (writer) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Henry Rollins (musician) child sexual abuse

Janice Dickenson (model) child physical & emotional abuse

Janice Mirikitani (poet) incest, Janice's story is featured on a DVD sold at RAINN's site

Johannes Brahms (composer) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Jonathan Davis (musician) child sexual abuse

Joyce Meyer (evangelist, author) child physical abuse & incest

Kirk Hammett (musician) child physical & sexual abuse

Laveraneus Coles (athlete) child sexual abuse

Leslie Triber (author/poet) abuse

Lorena Bobbit - marital rape

Lynn C. Tolson (author) incest/domestic violence/sexual assault

Madonna (pop singer) child abuse

Marie Waldrep (poet/activist) incest/domestic violence

Marilyn Manson (musician) child sexual abuse

Marilyn Monroe (actress) child physical & sexual abuse/childhood attempted rape (according to violence

Marilyn VanDerber Atler (former Miss America) incest

Mary J. Blige (singer) emotional abuse/childhood rape/secondary domestic violence

Mary Wollestonecraft (author) child physical abuse

Mata Hari (famous spy) domestic violence

Maya Angelou (author, poet) childhood rape

Maynard James Keenan (musician) child sexual abuse

Meat Loaf (musician) peer abuse/parental physical abuse (?)

Mike Patton (musician) neglect/child sexual abuse

Michael Jackson (and his siblings) child abuse (by father)

Missy Elliot (rapper, producer) child sexual abuse/secondary domestic violence

MoN'ique (comedian, actress) child sexual abuse (by brother)

Nicole Brown Simpson - domestic violence (very likely murdered by OJ)

Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) child sexual abuse

Ozzy Osbourne (musician) child sexual abuse

Pamela Anderson (actress) rape/domestic violence

Patricia Weaver Francisco (author) rape

Patsy Cline (singer) domestic violence

Patty Duke (actress, etc.) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Paula White (evangelist, author) child sexual abuse

Queen Latifah (rapper/actress/model) child sexual abuse

Rain Pryor (actress) child physical abuse/teenage sexual abuse

Richard Nixon (former U.S. President) unspecified child abuse

Rita Hayworth (actress) incest

Rhianna (singer) domestic abuse

Robert Blake (actor) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Rosanne Arnold (actress) child sexual abuse

Rose McGowan (actress) religious related (SRA?) abuse

Rosie Perez (actress) child sexual abuse

Rosie O'Donnell (actress/ex Tv host) child sexual abuse

Rudyard Kipling (author) unspecified child abuse

Sandra Dee (actress) incest

Sinead O'Connor (musician) multiple forms of abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Stasi Eldredge (author) rape

Suzanne Somers (actress) emotional abuse

Teri Hatcher (actress) incest

Tina Turner (singer) domestic violence

Tom Arnold (actor, etc) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Toni Childs (musician) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Tori Amos (musician) rape / child abuse (by uncle)

Tyler Perry (actor) child abuse

Virginia Woolf (author) incest

Viva (actress) child sexual abuse

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lindsay Set For Self Destruction

If you have been following my material, you will understand that there are two specific celebrity Monarch assets that I am particularly concerned about, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. It seems to me that Miss LILO is running out of time as her alters have been triggered to run amok.

We have confirmation of Lindsay Lohan's alters, Diane and/or Margo:

"The Lindsay Has Two Faces?
Lindsay Lohan’s odd behavior in the weeks since her release from a four-week stint in jail and rehab — including clipping a baby stroller with her Maserati and failing two court-ordered drug tests — has spywitnesses close to the former “Mean Girl” concerned that the star may suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.
Note black & white striped top and wrists covered to conceal cuts

In a turn of events so bizarre that it has all the trappings of a bad Hollywood B-Movie (I Know Who Killed Me, anyone?), snitches in Lohan’s Camp believe the troubled actress has “alter egos” that have kept her career on the skids and are preventing her from keeping her nose clean — literally.
The Chicago Sun-Times writes: “‘Some of us had wondered if Lindsay was bipolar, given her mood swings, but I’m thinking it’s more than that,’ said the source, who claims LiLo has on occasion called herself ‘Diane’ or ”Margot.’ According to the insider, Lohan has explained the odd behavior as her way of ‘getting into and out of character’ as an actress — ‘pretending to be other people.’ Supposedly, friends have urged Lohan to seek professional counseling for this issue, but to no avail…”

Lindsay's destructive alters have been set loose (possible from her brief stint in rehab) and she was recently photographed  injecting some substance (assumed to be heroin) into her arm and back.

Months before these reports and confirmations of Lindsay's alter egoes, she was sentence to jail/rehab on the same day that her lawyer magically decided to quit defending Lindsay and left her in tears.
 In addition to the lawyer setup scenario, Lindsay appeared to be taking notes which are visible here, citing TMZ (there's those Paparazzi/Lawyer criminals again) having something to do live streaming. TMZ will ALWAYS bring you the inside scoop because they ARE the LEGAL SYSTEM in Los Angeles.
Note the "Shhhh" tattoo on Lindsay's index finger

Adding to the courtroom frenzy, Lindsay arrived at the courthouse with her nails done colorfully, but on her middle finger, read the words "FUCK U".  I suspect either a handler sent her to the gallows in this way or a feisty alter attempts to tell the court system its host is embroiled in, a piece of it's mind - literally.

Ironically,she was imprisoned/ being mindfucked in a Southern California rehabilitation center around the time where Quentin Tarantino's Machete debut was being promoted.  Lindsay played a killer nun on the film but was unable to make it to the premier. WHY?  Perhaps she doesn't recall making the movie in the first place.

                                                                       Machete Trailer

Lindsay Lohan is also photographed kissing and fondling Paris Hilton the same evening the images with the needle were taken.  These photos are important as Paris has some involvement with Lindsay's programming.  So much so that Lindsay is seen here calling Paris a "cunt" and being triggered from the backseat from a handler in her entourage to forget her statement moments after she says it.
Seeing as though Paris comes from a long line of the elite multi-generational incestuous Hilton family, (if you didn't know that, you do now) we can see how simple it is for Paris to be involved with many Hollywood "party girls" programming, including trauma, public beratement, porn, abuse and other fun Monarch skills she was born to emulate. She is quite the "ROLE-MODEL" as designed.

More Lindsay and Paris confusion:

Also take note that Lindsay Lohan is a self-mutilator/cutter.  Behaviors in cutting are typical with sexually abused individuals as well as those programmed for self destruction.

                                              "I RESTORE MYSELF WHEN I'M ALONE"
Lindsay has a new tattoo after exiting rehab - note the ever-present cuts

Also understand that the celebrities who are accused of bulemia, starvation, anorexia and other eating disorders undego HEAVY food and water deprivation inflicted upon them by their handlers. They are kept entranced - black & white is consistent with the Lohan team.

    Lindsay has also been used in porn feature films, only you and I get the washed version.

Take into consideration Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, the model citizen, Disney Asset Daddy and creep pervert pedophile - he holds the keys to Lindsay's alters as many others do.

So how did we get to this from this?

Hollywood is run by the CIA and this girl is a MONARCH asset and will be facing her final setup for an overdose.  She is currently being used as a scapegoat for yet another prescription pill overdosed celebrity.

Even Alex Jones is stirring the pot in the conspiracy world adding to her future demise blaming pills and overlooking her mental disorder:

And don't go trying to look for help with these talk show hosts who are TRAINED to handle MPD/DID assets, they know and they don't give two shits about these people.

Statement from Courtney Love, January 2009:
"DISGUSTING! lohans rapist convict daddy is trying to put her under this Consvatorship shit and guess where her money is,,,,, without her knowledge and PBOC>  theres not much money from lohan but i hink its power rather than money and i think this cosvertorship shit will become common"
Courtney Love paid dearly for those statements

Interesting, as today, the day this is being posted, September 29, 2010 - Lindsay Lohan's mother is filing for conservatorship over Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay trains ALI how to be a kitten in front of cameras as instructed
Both of her parents are involved in her enslavement having sold her into the MONARCH program to begin with, along with little sister - BOTH undergoing Trauma Based Mind Control.
Which programming sadist is on the phone?
What is being said?

Mommy gets the money, we the people get to watch the Hollywood created snuff film designed for our insatiable need to watch others suffer and the Multiple Personality Disordered celebrities keep making more assets. What will YOU do about what you now know?

I hate it when I'm right. DO SOMETHING!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hollywood MK Updates

I have been finding so much of this stuff as I go along and I absolutley needed to get some of this stuff out.

You remember Dr. Drew Pinsky from MTV's Loveline among other shows right?

Looks like this fellow has been accused of some interesting dirty-dealings involving illegal surgery and implant tamering?  WHAT?

I hate jumping the gun on these "Hollywood Doctors" but I keep coming back to the fact that these "Doctors" keep popping up in shady situations.  Doctors have been blamed for overdose after overdose in Hollywood, yet they tend to just kind of disappear until the next Doctor is served.

His accuser has been labeled as a stalker for attempting to retrieve monies due him from Dr. Pinsky.

Charles Pearson filed small claims suit in L.A. County Superior Court on February 8.

In the suit, Pearson is suing Pinsky for $2,500 for a number of reasons including, "Performed Illegal Surgery, Medical Mal Practice ... Auction Tampering, Implant Tampering."

In the document, Pearson says he hasn't asked Dr. Drew for the money in person because Drew, "claims membership to KKK, used LAPD to intimidate/harass."

Click image to see larger:

More from Dr. Drew's Accuser:
Dr. Drew Pinksy's alleged stalker was arrested last year for stealing two books from a Barnes & Noble ... books written by Dr. Drew Pinksy.

According to court records, Charles Pearson was arrested at the bookstore in Encino, CA in February, 2009 after he told employees he was from the CIA and was there to confiscate two books.

Both the books were Dr. Drew's "Cracked: Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic."

Pearson wrote about it on his blog, admitting to "removing" the books which he claimed Dr. Drew wrote to "profiteer and boast his premeditated plan to abuse me."

You know, this is the same kind of cryptic banter that these people express.  Why post your exact location and make mention of the KING?  Someones wearing a programming item in that place where he is typing.  No one notices this? 

Here is a link to Charles Pearson's blog.  If it disappears, it will be in pdf form in my shared folder.

Excerpts from Charles Pearsons' blog:


Mr. Pinsky became fixated and obsessed with work I performed on my website that included digital artwork. Infatuated with an idea that David Pinsky was a part of a larger picture, CBS enabled Mr. Pinsky as he evolved a events to take place to support his illegal and felonious activity. He became obsessed with the idea to create a shell or environment for his “Treatment” to be performed. This obsession came when the opportunities presented themselves to commit felonys and excuses the behavior because I drew some picture on my website and its David Pinskys middle name. David Pinsky thinks or believes that he belongs to a special class being a doctor and openly conducted abuse as the opurtunity presented itself. During this tneor of abuse it is discovered that David Pinsky has been participating in this behaviors and so called experiments as a segment of his own sickness of adulterating behavior including the sexual relations with an underage minor involving oral copulation.
David Pinsky and his colleagues access the implants repeatedly, the abuse is detailed below and in recordings broadcasted and supported by advertising sold by CBS radio entertainment. The access to the implants is the center subject for a background performance of the lovelineshow and the Kevin and Bean morning radio program. The abusive shocking treatments became entertainment for a list of guests that include mainly Hollywood celebrities. Because of the voyeurism of so the electro shock medical treatments, social experiments were designed around those same people to observe and record reactions to the abuse dispensed by accessing the implant. Charles threatened the life of Dr. Drew and his family multiple times, included a particular gruesome threat to kill Dr. Drew’s children and feed them to his wife.
Read more about Charles Pearson here.
David Pinsky takes phone calls, random or arranged and accesses the implant for specific reactions to be witnessed and recorded. Humor and comedy is found mainly in the shadowing of the abuse and access to my implant. In the following summary, the shock treatment or therapy referred below is without any doubt deemed abusive and is a constant assault and battery upon anyone person. The broadcasting and scenarios described are the actions and results of its participants desire for fame and fortune at the expense of my mental and physical health.
Leading the On-Air abuse recorded and broadcasted as entertainment is David Pinsky, Anderson Cowan, Ann Ingold, Gene Baxter, Lisa May, Kevin X. Also included are persons known only by their first name: Tyler, Joel and Max, Michael and Carl.
For any particular reason, repetitive shocking and simultaneously broadcasting the quoted “Treatment” was for the amusement and entertainment of producing a reaction during the broadcasts by or for the above named individuals.
Other legal liabilities carried by Westwood One include the tampering of the sale of four vehicles and other possessions though Internet listing services such as eBay and the The manipulation and interference with such activities was intended to disrupt the stability and financial planning for the livelihood I am accustomed too.
The treatment described is outright abuse and illegal. It is requested that the findings be forwarded to the ditrict attroneys office for criminal prosecuting
as the abuse is destructive to my mental and physical health. Further, David broadcasted live that he will “take you all down with him” if he is prosecuted or persued legally for this “Treatment”. David Pinsky maintains close medical ties to the Olive View Medical Center and illegally accessed both my physical body and files, presumed to be private. Westwood One and its affiliates constructed a network of corruption that leads from the LAPD through UCLA’ Medical Center, back to David Pisnkys broadcast.
In identifying simple facts hoping to be overwhelmed by other surrounding data or facts in this case the primary defenses are to continue to minimize or discount completely the premeditation of UCLA’s psychological and other medical attitudes with their own dental (bluetooth) implant oppositions.

December 22, 2009.
UCLA & Olive View Medical
On March 8 2009, I was taken and admitted to Olive View Medical Hospital. At this hospital I was debriefed by police, a report was generated and then I was sedated against my wishes twice and without cause. Without cause indicates that I was of sound mind, control of my person and my actions and compliant with any direction communicated and received. The hospital was in direct knowledge of my involvement with and was given an order by David Pinksy to hold me so that they could illegally implant me and continue this on air abuse described throughout the body of this document. The nature of this abuse is known a GED shocking or electro shock treatment. Given the above knowledge of my arrival and my ownership of, the hospital video camera system was used and collected the entire miss management of both my entrance into and the hospital and the two assaults that took place during my admital at UCLA Olive View medical center refuted by UCLA internal investigation.
When I arrived at the hospital as a detained prisoner by LAPD, I was covered in a pepper spray and informed the hospital that I still had burning sensations in my eyes and skin. I wanted to wash my face off before being transported into a medical observation secure holding cell. After the LAPD finished taking a report for the reasons why I was taken to the hospital, the emergency room injected me with a sedative. I calmly refused and cowered into my chair however I was held down and injected, then forcefully made unconscious while restrained and tied down to a hospital bed. When I awoke I went to the attendants station at the front of the room where I demanded an explanation for the sedation. They told me to sit down while I refused and demanded to speak to an administrator or supervisor for the front desk.
I mistakenly told them that I was a Marine, as I am obviously not associated with any military organization, however I thought that this would protect me from another unwarranted attack and violation by being injected and strapped down to a bed for 24 hours. At the time I announced that I was a Marine, a person name Jose, hit me in the back of the head with a choke hold and dropped me to the floor. Several male nurses jumped on top of me as I screamed and they pushed their knees, fists and elbows into my joints causing me to scream terror in discomfort. As I screamed they pushed harder into my joints and spine. As if to punish me, I described verbally as best I could as there was a corded telephone on the desk that was tapped by the best hackers around the world.
I was strapped down to a bed once again and injected and laid for another 24 hours until I woke up on March 10, two days after my entrance. I maintain that there was never a time that I was a danger to my self or others that would require or follow protocol finding it necessary for sedation. It was arranged by a collaboration between David Pisnky, LAPD and UCLA to sedate and implant me for the abuse that was to come for the past nine months as I write this document.
I contend that UCLA falsely imprisoned me in attempts to gain leverage and to instigate the abuse patters that I have recorded on my website. David Pinsky began his radio recording of on air GED shock abuse and has done so wth the assistance from the hacker group 2600 and the largest universities in our nation including USC and UCLA.
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


UCLA’s intentions were in collaboration with David Pinsky, USC and CBS, Hollywood’s and Los Angeles County’s largest media Wholesaler. UCLA medical division is named David Geffen school of Medicine and it was the intention of using the coincidence of First name David common to both defendants in this case. This commonality of first name is a basis for a manifold theory, a complicated understanding of theoretical system models to explain the reactions and effects of certain inputs or ingredients added to a environment.
The use of that coincidence and suggestion is the basis for identifying the social experiment that David Pinsky, USC and UCLA are attempting to continue through use of fear and harassment based tactics.
Over the next few days as I recovered from the injections in the hospital I was told that I have a mental disorder and that I was there for observation. As the days past I noticed that my ribs were broken and that I had a scab on my spinal cord, apparently where David Pinsky had place a bio medial implant to set the course for the GED shock abuse that I have excessively received over the past nine months.
For the pain, I was given the option of having a motrin or Tylenol only while my entire body was in incredible amounts of pain. I was unable to walk correctly for three months following my admittal at Olive due to the lumbar puncture and broken ribs. I requested x rays to be taken of my spinal column, my wrist and ribs to document and obtain another opinion in regards to the extent of my injuries. On March 16 I was granted the requested x ray procedure however I was never shown the x rays that show the implant that was placed on my spine.
After spending 21 days in Olive View’s Mental Detention center
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -




The awareness of this my Internet activity on is found by the computer sciences divisions of UCLA. UCLA has been aware of my internet activities as I have taken several Internet classes at UCLA and the abuse is simply to feed hollywood’s reality movie support for David Pinsky.
UCLA illegally injected and sedated me to place a implant on my spinal cord. This implant is used to control certain activities of my body and to include themselves into the history of my website and its related material. UCLA acted in a negligent manner to further their global presence and awareness to mainstream media and global observing think tanks.
The basis for a social experiment is to mold your environment to persuade your perception of the facts surrounding a particular set of events. It was the intention of UCLA and David Pisnky to remain un prosecuted for these crimes committed at Olive View Medical hospital. and to associate with my domain What is deemed deserved and what is actually experienced in accumulating your necessary fulfillment of needs and demands or expectations. Further, the sequence of events and abuse leading up to my admitted to Olive View Medical Center is a medical branch of UCLA, an institution that has been aware of my self and the activities and material posted on my website,

Another MK Loop-de-loop has been rolled out nicely to the public.
British Actress Charolette Lewis has accused Director Roman Polanski of raping her when she was 16.  In all fairness, I think this is a very big possibility.  He was also simultaneously accused by a 13 year old girl of sexually assaulting her as well.
Roman Polansky is the famed film directror of the "CULT CLASSIC" (hint hint) Rosemary's Baby.  Here's the trailer:

The odd thing about this case is that the actress Charolette Lewis is accompanied by a "LAWYER" Gloria ALLRED.  Check out Glorias choice in jewelry:

Gloria ALL RED also represented Tiger Wood's accusers which sent him packing off to rehab for some tweaking.

Did anyone notice that after this infedelity scandal, he became more of a sex symbol?

Tiger Woods  apology to whoever he disobeyed:

And lastly, I wanted to get some Joaquin Phoenix in here because of some alarming findings.

We all remember his infamous David LETTER-MAN'S interview last year, where he was in disarray.  If you haven't seen this, here it is :

Now, Joaquin's brother River Phoenix overdosed at Johnny Depp's Viper Room nightclub in Los Angeles.  His sister Summer has been busy breeding with the Afflecks, Casey in particular.  They are such good friends that they all live in the same building.  Can you say CULT CONTROL?

Quotes from Joaquin:


“My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession.”



"It's been a year since last time I tried to give up smoking. I went to a hypnotist; we sat down and started talking. A couple of hours later, I woke up; the hypnotist wasn't in the room, but his wife was. I was like 'Oh my goodness, I fell asleep and didn't get to talk to the doctor.' And she said 'Don't worry, you talked...' I freaked out, left their place, immediately bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked, terrified of what I'd said".

Nickname : KITTEN

He and his brother have both appeared in film series that involved Harrison Ford. River Phoenix played the young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), and Ford's son in The Mosquito Coast (1986). Joaquin is among those being considered to play John Clarke in the Jack Ryan spin-off Without Remorse (2011), a character that Willem Dafoe played opposite Ford in Clear and Present Danger (1994).

Here is the Phoenix family of 5 spreading their cheer across the United Programming Locations of the USA in a Winnie.

With Aerosmith's lead singer Steve Tyler's hollywood kitten offspring, Liv Tyler
Joaquin looks happy to be in the presence of Sean Puffy Combs and Illuminist watch-out/family/cult member Casey Affleck.
Miley Cyrus handles Joaquin
Joaquin supports child trafficking PETA...or one of his alters does.
In the middle of his "meltdown" AKA programming slip. His friends and family came to his aid of course.

Anyone seen him lately?
In order to effectively and consistently dehumanize troubling assets, the need for trauma and embarrassment is essential. Here we see Joaquin accepting an award on video with his acceptance speech written on cards. His name is written incorrectly but he uses it to identify himself and he looks foolish doing it. Everyone will say he's crazy and move on...unless you KNOW what you are looking at of course.
He looks thrilled
Johnny Cash depiction
Photo from when he was a more compliant asset
Right before rehab
Space Camp film he starred in. Wonder if Space Camp has anything to do with the reported MK programming centers associated with NASA. hmmm...

For more info on NASA Programming, pick up Trance Formation of America
We Own the Night Co-Star -kitten Eva Mendez. She is also closely conected to MK Asset/MPD Robot Will Smith
The Stars Belong To A New Generation. I am the type to say I told you so. An entire generation programmed.
This one just SCREAMS CIA programming - Bluebird style. For those unfamiliar with Project Bluuebird, look into it. You will see MANY celebrities labeled with this program also. Birds of Paradise? Miley Cyrus was just called AVIS Cyrus -Avis meaning birds of paradise. How PECULIAR. Same programming over and over and over...
More dehumanizing photos in early youth. How many male celebrities have been subjected to this? He looks like he's having a real blast taking these revealing photos. WHO is the photographer/Illuminist handler behind the camera?
PETA advertisment
With M. Night Shamylan and Mel Gibson. Mr. Shamylan likes to use all kinds of Monarch/Bluebird imagery, triggers, gestures etc. in his storylines. I have found programming in ALL of his films. Burn IT.
Liv & Joaquin
Promises of fame and fortune
Can he think for himself?
more cigarettes
With Nicholas CAGE
Photo Op
Young Joaquin (Leaf Phoenix)
Geisha Girl. Note the big
"M" on the wall
Boys with dog tags
Liv Tyler, Joaquin..and Matt Damon? Good Will Hunting Matt Damon (Boston MK Asset) who paired with Ben Affleck? So wait, Joaquins SISTER is having children with Casey Affleck. Friends? Or did they know one another already?
Very young
Rover Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix before River's famous celebrity drug overdose involving Johnny Depp's Viper Room Nightclub
Phoenix family. Did father sell his children into the program? One child dead, one breaking programming in plain sight? I suppose we will have to either wait and see, or decode it ourselves. So far, looks like daddy sold the roost.
Photography by pervert photographer /Illuminist Terry Richardson.

Entire MK Terry Richardson layout here:
Note the black & white combo and the teenie skull & bones tattoo
Liv Tyler wearing ruby slippers