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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Think You Know?

I wanted to toss some stuff up there for the ignorant folks who enjoy slipping their anonymous comments into my posts which I personally think reek of ignorance and flat out stupidity. Maybe some additional compiled data will shut you naysayers up and give you more celebrity swill to swoon over while these people suffer.

For those of you who observe this information and find it more than obvious, thank goodness there are those who can decipher the games being played and the abuses in plain sight.

Here are some clips of blatant tales of childhood sexual and physical abuse from the abused themselves. Which alters are speaking up, we do not know, but we know that they are speaking and that's what's important.

Too many abused and mentally ill people in such a small group of people in one profession and/or central location - doncha think? I think so.

AXL ROSE rant onstage regarding Rolling Stone Article detailing childhood family sexual abuse:

Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins talks about childhood abuse:

Corey Haim & Corey Feldman argue over childhood sexual abuse:

Tyler Perry sexually abused:

Marilyn Manson Abuse:

Janice Dickinson sexually abused by father:

Howard Stern childhood molestation:

Actor Robert Hughes accused of molesting child co-star:

Michael Jackson discusses abuse:

Oprah takes her Handling to another level - Building and running a Charm School in AFRICA:

And not too far after her "idea", she apologizes publicly for the rapes taking place at her girls home in Africa: (NOTE THE TRAUMA- we are talking about TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL)

Danger from The Love of Ray-J expresses abuse

Todd Bridges molested as a child:

Actress Mo'Nique molested as a child:

Monique's Brother on Oprah admits to molesting Mo'nique

Mackenzie Phillips Molested/Incestuous relationship with father:

Additional links:

Teri Hatcher Molested as a child
Mickey Mantle molested as a child
Queen Latifah molested as a child 
Gabriel Byrne molested by a priest
Carlos Santana molested 
Jack Nicholson product of incest

Self Destructive Behaviors - Alters coming forward to punish those who tell"
Tila Tequila Self Destruct:

Alter Ego Jane Cordovez is active:

Pink - Performing SPLIT PERSONALITY:

Nicki Manaj switches alters on LIVE TV:

Reports of Mental Instability:
Megan Fox states she is mentally unstable and will die young:

Reporter claims Britney Spears is Bipolar:

Additional list of abused celebrities:

Alexander Pushkin (poet) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse

Andrea Dworkin (author/activist) rape

Angela Rose (activist) sexual assault (visit Angela's site here )

Angela Shelton (actress/model/director/actvist) incest

Angie Dickenson (actress, etc) emotional abuse

Angelina Jolie (actess) child abuse (sexual?)

Anne Heche (actress) incest

Anne Sexton (poet) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Antwone Fisher (author) emotional abuse/child sexual abuse

Axl Rose (musician) child sexual abuse (according to

Baby Lyssa Chapman (famous bounty hunter/daughter of Dog) statutory rape

Beethoven (composer) unspecified child abuse

Beth Chapman (famous bail bondswoman/wife of Dog) domestic violence

Bill Clinton (former U.S. President) secondary domestic violence

Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape

Billy Connoly (comedian) incest

Brett Butler (actress) domestic violence

Britney Spears (pop singer) child sexual abuse (by father)

Carlos Santana (musician) child sexual abuse

Carrie Otis (model) rape

Chester Bennington (musician) child sexual abuse

Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence (by father)

Christina Applegate (actress) dating violence

Christina Crawford (author) emotional abuse

Cindy Williams (actress) emotional abuse

Clara Bow (actress) incest

Connie Francis (singer) rape

Corey Feldman (actor) child sexual abuse

Dave Mustaine (musician) child physical abuse/secondary domestic violence

Dave Pelzer (author) multiple forms of abuse

Derek Luke (actor) child sexual abuse

Desi Arnaz, Jr. (actor) emotional abuse

Dog the Bounty Hunter (famous bounty hunter/reality TV stars) child physical abuse

Dorie VanStone (author) multiple forms of abuse

Drew Barrymore (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady) unspecified child abuse

Elizabeth I (Queen of England) teenage sexual assault, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Elizabeth Loftus (psychologist) child sexual abuse

Ella Fitzgerald (singer) abuse

Emme (model) emotional abuse

Erin Gray (actress) unspecified child abuse

Eve Ensler (playwright/actress) incest

Fantasia (singer) teenage rape

Farrah Faucett (actress) domestic violence

Fiona Apple (musician) childhood rape

Florence Holway (artist/activist) rape

Fran Drescher (actress) rape

Gabrielle Union (actress) rape

Gavin DeBecker (violent crime expert) psychological abuse

George Orwell (author) unspecified child abuse

Greg Luganis (athlete) abuse

Halle Berry (actress, model) domestic violence

Henry Miller (writer) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Henry Rollins (musician) child sexual abuse

Janice Dickenson (model) child physical & emotional abuse

Janice Mirikitani (poet) incest, Janice's story is featured on a DVD sold at RAINN's site

Johannes Brahms (composer) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Jonathan Davis (musician) child sexual abuse

Joyce Meyer (evangelist, author) child physical abuse & incest

Kirk Hammett (musician) child physical & sexual abuse

Laveraneus Coles (athlete) child sexual abuse

Leslie Triber (author/poet) abuse

Lorena Bobbit - marital rape

Lynn C. Tolson (author) incest/domestic violence/sexual assault

Madonna (pop singer) child abuse

Marie Waldrep (poet/activist) incest/domestic violence

Marilyn Manson (musician) child sexual abuse

Marilyn Monroe (actress) child physical & sexual abuse/childhood attempted rape (according to violence

Marilyn VanDerber Atler (former Miss America) incest

Mary J. Blige (singer) emotional abuse/childhood rape/secondary domestic violence

Mary Wollestonecraft (author) child physical abuse

Mata Hari (famous spy) domestic violence

Maya Angelou (author, poet) childhood rape

Maynard James Keenan (musician) child sexual abuse

Meat Loaf (musician) peer abuse/parental physical abuse (?)

Mike Patton (musician) neglect/child sexual abuse

Michael Jackson (and his siblings) child abuse (by father)

Missy Elliot (rapper, producer) child sexual abuse/secondary domestic violence

MoN'ique (comedian, actress) child sexual abuse (by brother)

Nicole Brown Simpson - domestic violence (very likely murdered by OJ)

Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) child sexual abuse

Ozzy Osbourne (musician) child sexual abuse

Pamela Anderson (actress) rape/domestic violence

Patricia Weaver Francisco (author) rape

Patsy Cline (singer) domestic violence

Patty Duke (actress, etc.) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Paula White (evangelist, author) child sexual abuse

Queen Latifah (rapper/actress/model) child sexual abuse

Rain Pryor (actress) child physical abuse/teenage sexual abuse

Richard Nixon (former U.S. President) unspecified child abuse

Rita Hayworth (actress) incest

Rhianna (singer) domestic abuse

Robert Blake (actor) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Rosanne Arnold (actress) child sexual abuse

Rose McGowan (actress) religious related (SRA?) abuse

Rosie Perez (actress) child sexual abuse

Rosie O'Donnell (actress/ex Tv host) child sexual abuse

Rudyard Kipling (author) unspecified child abuse

Sandra Dee (actress) incest

Sinead O'Connor (musician) multiple forms of abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Stasi Eldredge (author) rape

Suzanne Somers (actress) emotional abuse

Teri Hatcher (actress) incest

Tina Turner (singer) domestic violence

Tom Arnold (actor, etc) abuse, info courtesy of AEST

Toni Childs (musician) abuse, info courteousy of AEST

Tori Amos (musician) rape / child abuse (by uncle)

Tyler Perry (actor) child abuse

Virginia Woolf (author) incest

Viva (actress) child sexual abuse

Stay tuned...


  1. This is overwhelming. I always connected "shhhh" to molestation subconsciously. Like an "I'll Never Tell oath. A sticky topic and how it relates to development of a healthy sexuality. I just read the Tyler Perry interview and "his body betraying an what pedophiles rely upon.

  2. I have lots of haters too, and I haven't even been doing this as long as you. You're doing a good job. Keep exposing the truth.

  3. Tragic and sadly believable. Thanks for exposing the lies.

    Btw, on another topic, did you see this article?

    Matthews asks Rep. Bachmann if she’s been ‘hypnotized’


  4. Just saw this article on the E! site that made me think of this article. "Are Disney Stars Cursed?" hahaha...So people are willing to accept a curse theory over Disney mind control practices?

  5. The pervasiveness of early childhood sexual abuse suggests this is a well orchestrated, systematic form of MIND CONTROL, rather than individual isolated events. The wealthy and powerful, who delight in the misery of others, are bound together in Satanic blood-oaths. Ruling by FEAR resulting from ritual trauma, they attempted to erect a wall a silence between them and their victims -- it has been steadily crumbling, and we all can thank Esoteric Kitten for her efforts to chip away at the facade...

  6. It amazes me how many movies actually show you (through symbolism of course) what is really going on behind the scenes, and yet the majority of the audience remains clueless. For instance, if you really want to see the "revelation of the method", all you have to do is watch the recent film 'Black Swan' with Natalie Portman. It's all there for those who have eyes to see, but unfortunately, I know that number is few.

  7. Please expand on what you think you know/see in Black Swan. examples please...

  8. Did you see this??

    Think they tazed her before she went on the air, after she serviced someone?? It even sounds like she said tasered!

  9. Saw it and thought her programming had shorted out but after reading your comment and listening again, it does sound like she is saying 'taser'.

  10. She isn't saying 'taser' she is saying 'Danger'- the character. Analyzing is great and all, but don't over analyze.

  11. Well if she was saying "danger" it would be just as bad! To me it looks like someone was having fun with a slave and she was trying to shake it off once the cameras started rolling.

  12. The Tila and "Jane" video where she cut her arms was fake and she was also taken away by ambulance for that stunt too! Here is a blog that USE to Gang stalk her ~~~> also one named TilaTruth and quite a few others.....But you are right about what this post is mainly about. People also should understand that allot of the celebrities are victims themselves, soo they really can't help it! And need to have their eyes opened as well!

    *And the Anon comments that are outta the blue and solely just to criticize or start drama! Drive me NUTS too! Anywho just wanted to finally comment, I love your blog and all you do! Keep up the great work and happy followin/blogging! :)) Take care. ♥

  13. It is sooooo odd because of the way the events all played out w/Tila and that blog if you read it and the comments you'll see for a while it seemed Tila was being Majorly black listed BUT NOW........ she seems to be getting benefits?! And her "Gang Stalking" Blogs just decide to stop? I dunno..... something is fishy about it and it might lead into what I said to a Gf of mine about that blog when I first FOUND it!

    Which was, that I had this feeling deep down inside that THAT blog was part of MK torture and part of keeping Tila on here toes?!? I dunno..... but seems ever since she FINALLY decided to film the porn things changed and its odd because you think things would have been ALL over about her lies about the Porn and her car /business trips, etc...just odd, what do you think ?

    Would love to hear......☺

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  15. This is the gateway to control. Its sad when you see your family members oozing over the celebs when you know the truth. Just more sign of the end coming to an end. Deception is at the door to do you a. take the read pill or b. take the blue?

  16. Chill out, in some ppl's from ur list the sex abuse/neglect/incest may be true, in others not. I seriously doubt ur list and on good reason.

  17. FYI and as incredible as it may see, Lindsay Lohan was cloned, starting with her first successful movie/childhood. From then on all u and us can see are clones/replacements, of course kept under - sometimes - severe mind control. The same goes for Britney and Xtina Aguilera.

  18. Who thinks we should blow up Hollywood and just create a decentralised movie industry?

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  57. EK I miss you!,what happened?
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    So many have shown their real evil colors or sold out to $.
    somalicatsoflove, remember the cute cat and rat picture you liked as my avatar? we can make a secure email account.
    Like i said i miss you........
    Wish you all the best.

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