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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hollywood MK Deception Series Taken Down

Hi all. Well, I guess we made it far enough before the forces that think they be decided to take my account down under the guise of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

What prompted this removal of my ENTIRE series? This latest installment of Hollywood MK Deception - Multiple Personality Disorder in the Media Part 1: could have been the bulletin citing the OBVIOUS connection between the Casey Anthony case and the MONARCH media game...

Cindy Anthony wears BUTTERFLY/MONARCH earrings in the courtroom

Classic MONARCH identifier - pedophelia/sexual abuse/ incest.

And of course, no MONARCH family is without the classic incest secret, making this yet another implication that the ANTHONY's are involved in generational INCEST. Surprised?

Oh...and let's not forget Casey's forgetfulness and possible NO TALK the sight of the MONARCH BUTTERFLY perhaps?

If in fact, these are one of the many warped MULTIGENERATIONAL INCESTUOUS CULT MONARCH FAMILIES, this would make perfect sense... Otherwise, its just another media mindgame that the public tries to unravel, takes sides or ignores alltogether.

Some interesting links that you may want to take a peek at:

Cindy Anthony gets an interesting tattoo

The Casey Anthony Distraction

The more I speak, the more they say SHHHHH!!!


  1. I appreciate your videos and your blog posts. Please don't let them stop you! I'm still waiting for part 2! I had NOT connected this casey thing to the monarch thing, but seems super plausable, wish they had brought that up in court! Anyways, just wanted to say that those of us who pay attention are paying attention, we need you to keep us informed and help us see. Thanks for all you hhave done for the cause. If I could have one super power it would be to see inside of people's houses. I think about the undocumented slaves everyday. It makes me sad. I pray for them, because most people don't even know they exist.

    This casey anothony stuff was so close to the jonbenet stuff! and we still never know what really happened. Were they ritually sacrificed?

  2. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" -- Mahatmas Karamchand Gandi

    "Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul"

    Whatever You Need, Just Ask -- ALL channels open :)

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  3. THANK YOU for making the Casey Anthony-ritual abuse connection, the way the media handled it plus the crazed (programmed?) public reaction made it all SO suspicious to me, but I chose to ignore the case rather than look for clues like you've done... boy those butterflies are conspicuous! Sorry to hear your series got taken down, maybe you can put it up somewhere else?
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hello Esoteric Kitten! First let me say "WOW" that you've discovered this subject matter and have done such an amazing job of exposing it!

    I heard you're radio interview recently and began watching the series (looks like I finished watching right before youtube took down your channel too). I ran across another woman who is sharing her real life account of RSA/MK programming and recently found some of her videos here: so maybe that will help as an alternative to nazi-tube (I mean youtube).

    This recent video is really unnerving to watch and that child's tears were simply heart wrenching but I'm thankful you are bringing this to light. All of humanity needs to 'man up' and protect these children. I've been saying for the past decade-- we're being ran by a bunch of sociopaths/psychopaths and I thought that was bad enough but this satanic sickness that is happening... I'm at a loss for words. May God have mercy on their souls.

    I just want to thank you for exposing this and making the hollywood connection too. Where I once loathed (I mean seriously) Beyonce (I only thought of how poisonous she is for our little girls) I can now see that she is programmed. We are living in some very scary times indeed but somehow, I find encouragement with people like you! "The more I speak, the more they say SHHHHH!!!" You've got them on the ropes and I love it! I'm reminded of the fear in Zbigniew Brzezinski when he said; "... the historically unprecedented challenge which is being posed in our time by a massive global awakening". We are waking to all of the layers that are interwoven in their sick agenda.

    You're a brave woman indeed and I admire anyone who will stand up and expose anything that is corrupt and evil. May the Most High continue to protect you. You are an angel.

    And I agree-- good catch on the Casey Anthony connection! I'm looking forward to your next amazing discovery!

  5. oops... "This recent video" portion of my comment was intended for MK Culture's blog.... I guess I cut and pasted it accidentally into this post. Tee hee :)

  6. Lawmakers are about to pass a new law stating that parents who do not report their child missing within 24 hrs. or dead within 60 min... will be convicted of felony; this is "Caylee's Law", and the public are more than ready to accept the law.

    I always thought that this high profile case was really a scripted, hegelian dialect. We have 2 sides (thesis/antithesis) the former are the supporters for Casey being convicted, sentenced to die. The other side are those demanding Casey get fair trial. After inconclusive verdict (Casey found not guilty, killer not tried), an inflamed public will accept new draconian law (synthesis).

  7. Casey Anthony is going to get killed soon, I think. The media will claim

    A: Casey vanished
    B: Casey committed suicide
    C: Casey was in fact killed (by a similarly mind-controlled slave, programmed to will describe the killer as "an emotional supporter of Caylee, an ordinary person who had 'gone off the deep end'")

  8. Note the trial was held in courtroom No: 23. (Illuminati number for chaos). Note the judge had only one eye. (He was stabbed in the right eye when he was 6). Coincidence? The company hired to find Caylee was D&A Investigations. Note the company logo. (Pyramid with all seeing eye).
    Thank you for your work. Understanding this helps to de-program myself. In doing so I find myself oddly more at peace. At the same time we must all put on our armor and go to war on this one. I look at the faces of my little children and rage to think some foul monsters would do this to them.

  9. I agree with this mk connection. Esp when I think of other things like the colour coded wristbands casy and family talk about in letters, the passwords Timer55 etc(triggers)that she talks about with family on tape and they talk to fbi about on tape. The suspected incest. Cindy asking Casey about her ring in a completely out of context way. The parents pleading with Casey to glance their way in court. Casey saying she had been given a script by the nanny (her alter?) being able to "lie" so consistently and calmly under pressure. Everyone pressuring her to get a different lawyer. The way she turned on her parents when they could no longer access her. Her strange seizures that her parents tried to cover up. Her parents ringing her friends and saying she was a sociopath and to stay away from her or they would get hurt (but not getting her any help. Friends sayin they would talk to her one day and she would have no recollection the next day of the conversation. and on and on. All very MK.

  10. Oops (I forgot a few things), and she would say one day that she hated her mom and didn't want to be like her, then praise her and say they were best friends and she wanted to be just like her mom the next day (all to her boyfriend, who found this very odd). Also from listening to tapes with Tracey Mclaughlin the bodyguard who slept in Caseys room and watched over her while out on bond, it sounds like she was very much in a state of being in a child/tweenie alter personality at that time. After the case her lawyer said existed in "Caseys world" but that something the grief expert said about trauma during the trial made her snap out of it????? Ha! I live on the other side of the world, so if intended to distract, it did so successfully cos I got hooked :( Methinks need to start being very discerning about what I put into my mind. Having said that, it was the Trial that introduced me to Monarch programming and related topics, so positice in that way. Keep up the great work. I am a big fan of what you are doing. (but too scared to talk to anyone about it in case they think I'm crazy - that has been the response so far from my nearest and dearest. But I think that the human mind searches and quests and people will find this truth as mass media etc leaves them feeling intellectually starved like I have, and an intuition of beeing conned by them. Blessings

  11. Sorry my spelling appalling above, (very tired) :)

  12. awesome post, EK!

    keep up the good work - you have thousands who look forward to the updates.

    i had no clue about the monarch/anthony connection until now. this is absolutely insane.

    i hope the blog is updated more often with articles/videos. we know you're a busy gal and have a life outside of this, but i can't help but selfishly want weekly updates!

  13. also EK - if you go to (roseanne barr), she talks about MK Ultra a lot as well as Monarch, chemtrails, NWO, etc.

    interesting to hear her take on all of it - she's bright and you can tell she totally cares about people and the world.

    vote for her as president 2012!

  14. Hello! Great post, as always.

    I just wanna know if you will share the MK Deception Series again and where? I didn't watch it and I really want to.

    Thanks and keep doing your good work.
    From Brazil.

  15. ~great article!! I really appreciate your videos...sorry to see you not on youtube anymore...on the topic of casy anthony, for some reason when I heard she stared to have memories of sexual abuse and also hearing about possible incest w/her brother big alarm bell went off in my head, for some reason...I really believe that her parents had something to do with this little girs death that's not your usual "accident" & I really became sucipious when casey's mom said she was the one who ooled "choloroform"?...I recently saw the interview with the woman that was supposedly supposed to e the nanny zanny...zanida, anyways she hada lange "bluebird" tattoo on her cleavage, with a shirt on cut so you could see it clearly...strange indeed...

  16. Greetings.

    Ever wondered if the monarch project and even mkultra are simply Diversions?

    Meant to create paranoia and distract people from something they wish to hide in plain sight?

    This way they enthrall a class of "skeptics", who either become religious extremists (anti-christian die-hards), or atheist sheeple.

    Making commercial people very vulnerable and easily frightened, because of seeing "supposed conspiracies everywhere!!", even where there is nothing?

    MAybe the real secret is There Are No Secret Societies. And the different Mafias, like russian/jewish, pirate and other primitive societies and true Cultists, deceive everyone into taking them as "partisans and loyal public servants of the People".

    If you mention illuminati so throughly, why don't you expose the historical truth of Illuminism? The Cultist Dogmas created and sustained by Illuminism nonsense, is everywhere. Why not expose that instead?

    I enjoy conspiracy theories myself, however I prefer the very hard'core ones. These are just too childish to be real, no offense. If they are real, good for you, congratulations for exposing them. But surely this isn't "All There Is", right? Surely there are much darker conspiracies than something like this.

    I thank you. Do you have other theories, than the ones visible on this blog? I'm most interested in them.

  17. butterflies dont have a long lifespan , do they ?

  18. I thought of this when I saw their tee-shirts in the beginning of the "case". I admit I followed the trial. Did not/could not see the butterfly earrings and scarf, etc. Maybe if I had a super large tv screen. Don't watch that tv though - not worth it. Also, one of the defense attorney's name = Mason. Heh.

    I wonder who has control of Casey right now? Do you think the parents and the group want to do away with Casey?

    Thanks for your sharing.

  19. What happened to esoteric kitten? Is she alive/ok?

  20. how do you stop the foreign language on this site. Its highly annoying while i'm trying to read this information. thanks.