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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Compilation video of an assortment of images from occult Hollywood. Hollywood itself is based upon the wood of a Holly tree used for magical/ritualistic purposes and is said to have the ability to hypnotize, mezmorize an entrance viewers. This is an expose on the "stars" that are really from highly abusive backgrounds and multigenerational incestuous families later sold into slavery. Project Monarch is that slavery that binds the minds of actors/actresses/ musicians and other public personages in order to instill ideas within the populace. Observe these videos:

This is the second video on MK ULTRA in Hollywood. This video details jewel programming and OZ programming commonly used as a foundation to create and control alter-ego's of our "stars". Share these videos to expose the injustice happening to our entertainers. (quality stinks)

A quick update with photos of the enslaved and the involved.

We're moving forward with intensity in this volume where we highlight the devastating spiritual programming. The text included in this video was taken from Fritz Springmeier who desperately tried to get this information to the public regarding the theft of free will on these subjects. If you watch any of these videos, this is the one to watch.

This is a touch up of the other 4 videos as well as offering which things to look for when watching television in order to spot programming items, words and behaviors. More in a detailed video coming up involving triggers and tattooing of Monarch/Bluebird victims as WELL as the latest trinkets and fashions designed to reinforce enslaved conditions.

This is just scratching the surface regarding the high profile individuals who are tangled in the Hollywood Occult world. These are the same people that keep us entertained while simultaneously in Alpha state through visual effects, humorous "acting", and music. Start looking closer at your tabloid magazines. Analyze the phrases and pictures because THIS is one of their tools for enslavement. You will see plenty of ruby slippers, animal print, butterflies, green doors, purple lillies, black and white hypnotic combinations, skulls and don't forget to observe the children! Remember, this is a hereditary scenario!

Updated photographs of Hollywood Elite's Monarch victims, their children, programming upgrading (rehab, breakdown)
Lists of program triggers to look for when watching television as well as some famous artists' handlers.. For full detail information, please watch previous videos as they each deal with different aspects of Programming.

Here is an excellent look at the latest "reality shows" available for the average hypnotized watcher. These new reality shows are LOADED with MK symbolism, items, suggestion, and the obvious programming of the contestants as well as the awareness level of the hosts. Take a good look at this video, turn on your right brain vision and grab your remote to see it for yourself. These shows are still in circulation!

Getting deeper into the MK Hollywood maze, here we include actual footage from films and leave it up to the trained eye to decipher the programming. The ability to put the pieces together while watching these triggers across the screen serves as a magnifying glass to everything you watch from this day forward. Enjoy your deprogramming!

Now you can watch anything - television shows, movies and music videos with a FULL view. Let's see what Britney has been up to with her Mind Control upgrade...

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