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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season

Happy Holidaze folks. Call me heartless for posting this, but if you plan on sitting in front of a television this holiday season with your loved ones, you may as well figure out what you are seeing. People have been sending some interesting finds for the holidays. From the People to You.

Home Shopping Network is littered with Monarch butterflies, animal prints and the star on the tree is Solange Knowles, throwing the mind control/satanic symbol to the viewers when she fixes her weave. The models appear to follow instructions from the woman with the long black hair and the large black stone she is wearing is simply divine. Ritual abuse victims gladly open their legs as the "host" speaks and clears her throat to make mention of "so many possibilities". The model on the left is off synch with the other two. The host also continues to mention the "GUN METAL". Are these ladies familiar with the roulette programming we are seeing lately? The "handler"/madame character is Stephani Greenfield.

Here is the original clip.

Here is more of Stephani Greenfield

Fox Holiday Special

Some Screenshots of the subliminal barrage at the tail end, pointed out by friends on youtube:

Dolly Parton Bob Hope

MTV Satanic Wishes


  1. cmon son this aint solange knowles!!

    anyway...great info btw