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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Killing Kittens

Earlier this year, while becoming acquainted with some of these MK Project Monarch themes, I began to notice a pattern with the death of cats. Going back through DVD after DVD, I am finding this theme included everywhere. It's amazing how much can go right over your head in patterns without even realizing it. Typically It was presented in a joking format, some "crazed killer" or in animation. The most recent one that I can recall is in the new film "Drag Me To Hell" which is not so amusing.

Your typical hidden items in this trailer include a small red heart on the table of the Bank managers office, who's name is Jim Jacks. No erection, err, suggestion with that name at all, I can assure you. She assures Mr. Jacks that she is capable of making the tough decisions at her job. A woman comes and begs for help to keep her home and when Christine (played by ALLISON/Alice Lohman) denies her help because of personal gain, the woman serves her up a nice cold cup of curse. A rapid slip of basic jewel shaped imagery in the cathedral ceiling at 2:10. Just watching the trailer, I can say that there are hundreds of subliminal commands being tossed at the viewer, especially when the scenes are migrating from one frame to another. Here's a snapshot of the graveyard scene depicted in the preview when the host is speaking. This shot has the familiar scent of Spiritual Programming as does the entire film. Plenty of subconcious messages being hurled at you in the mud and rain folks.

A double dose of Spiritual Programming?

I have a feeling that this film is based mainly on spiritual programming for all of us. The subtle hints of religious items, words and the obvious themes should be acting as neon lights alerting us all to subliminal goodies Drag Me To Hell has in store for the viewers and the occult abused victims who are directly affected by this form of attack.

One more poke in the eye here as CHRISTina stands before the poor woman who has begged her to spare her. Before the curse is placed upon her, we can see her sinful ways (also subtle connection to the housing mortgage scam that has displaced millions) and see her as needing to "be saved". The only way to be "saved" of course is to be thrown into hell to burn and melt and sizzle and all of that happy horseshit.

Point being, there is a scene in this film where Christine is forced to kill a kitten. Where is PETA?

Here is the entire film if you care to poison yourself with it. ;)


Boondock Saints - Rocco accidentally kills cat

Family Guy Quagmire talking to his MTM (lol) produced pet/cat reminding kitty where it's roots are. Such a loving cat owner.

Not to be confused with MGM

Family Guy - Peter kills a cat

The Simpsons - Meditations on turning 8 by Lisa Simpson

The Gift - Keanu Reeves on trial for killing a cat (referring to KATie Holmes in this film). Also some MK occult voodoo talk to liven everything up just for you. This movie hit me hard with regard to Jewel Programming/Pedophelia/Self Destruct combination that was used in the story line. VERY disturbing but spot on target with plenty of MK guesswork. I recommend if you are having difficulty grappling with some of the monarch concepts this film is an excellent tutorial.

Apt Pupil - Cat in Oven Scene

Come one! Come all! It's marketing with a twist. Ford (surprised?) motor company (Who managed to get their tentacles into America's bailout (there's that Baal again) stash and pretty much loot the country) and it's top notch media marketing team has just sold you a car by killing a cat. It's a cute little vehicle aint it?

Even the mortgage companies (funny that should appear twice in this post) is joining in on the kitten killing fun with their own addition to desensitization/programming/white slavery/snuff fetish that those elite banker types just can't get enough of. I'd stay the hell away from Ameriquest just for this commercial alone. It's very brotherly of them to "not judge to quickly" when a person is caught killing a kitten. It's the norm around those parts...

American Psycho is another doozie that has the perspective of a successful tycoon in training who happens to be a soulless woman killing machine. Because he mingles amongst the high rollers, his murders go ignored by the brotherhood to which he belongs. There is a nice clip in the movie where he begins to "hallucinate" while standing in front of an ATM machine. The machine asks to be fed a stray cat.

You know what happens to that kitty. There are plenty of switch-a-roo's going on in this film, a couple in the trailer posted here. I currently do not have a link to this film.

American Psycho

Funny how he would mention murders and excecutions in this clip. Good ole CHRISTian BALE (Baal).

I just don't understand why PETA is not kicking and screaming all over the globe with this kind of animal abuse running amok on television. PETA has dropped the ball.

So many other films are tainted with "cat/kitten" deaths (duality for ritualistic use of programmed kittens in porn, snuff - although all are disposable)that I have noticed recently, including Frank Miller's " The Spirit" . There is so much shit in this movie I wouldn't even know where to start. Confusing the female with cats/kittens is a major theme in this movie. I saw this in the theater and I was blown away and angered at the blatant use of mythology/history/occult topics - all warped into one big fat movie. From start to finish you have plenty of information to work with.
* I apologize for the autoplay on this video. It is in Java since the html embed was disabled on youtube.

The Spirit 2008

Before this movie get's into 5 minutes of play, you will begin to see the connection once again between women and kittens.

I wonder what happened to all of the kitties after the filming was complete.

All of that stuff about the confusion with occult/kitten/women connection...I just keep seeing the same formula replay...even before I realized that there was a pattern.


  1. Ford did not accept any of the bailout money...though that commercial is really sick.

  2. Good dot-connecting, EK!

    What a perverted state of affairs.... Two national newspapers in Britain are currently trying to brainwash women into joining a sex club called KILLING KITTENS:

    They must think we're dumb as rocks...