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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Robotic Will Wielder

Every now and again while reviewing hollywood films I come across something that rings truly disturbing. Mr. Will Smith has caught my attention this time. A picture says a thousand words, so let us begin with this image of our squeaky clean controller of will and perception:

First up, the importance of the recognition of Mind Control and ritual abuse must be established before one can fully comprehend this presentation. Secondly, one must put aside ALL preconceived ideas when it comes to these Hollywood enslaved stars.

Hancock is the film that instantly raised many red flags for me, let's begin with the DVD cover design:

Will Smith is positioned directly under the "O" suggesting a halo. (possible reference to Obama) Naturally SEX is written into the graphichs - located between his shin and the car bumper on the right side of the cover right above the DVD logo.

There are plenty of scripted programming phrases, items and behaviors in this film, however, the most alarming images were buried within the prison cell scene before the guards came to retrieve him. The phrase "When they call" was used in order to prepare Hancock for his role as the savior of the world. The following images do NOT reflect a super hero, but moreso a ritually abused child regression state in the film.

Here we have Will Smith laying inside his jail cell awaiting the command before he can be released from prison. We see here the illuminated pyramid scratched into the wall above his head along with many other ritualistic/hypnotic/state of confusion scratches (made by Hancock who has super strength because he is a GOD with amnesia)

Another shot while in the same scene, Will Smith has a small dinosaur toy on his desk positioned under the BLUEBIRD carving in the desk. The bluebird (Project Bluebird reference) is illuminated by a ray of sunlight naturally.

And what would a Hollywood film be without subliminal commands for the viewer?

Again, this scene is about 1 minute long, IF that, and the wall art becomes a bit more cryptic...remember, these drawings are supposed to be from the character HANCOCK who can't remember who he is.

At first my assumption that BLIL was some anagram of sorts or a possible deity that they would use the name of - then it occurred to me -since CHILDHOOD REGRESSION STATE is prevalent in this clip - BLIL written on the wall surrounded by big birds and occult swirls, words and other fragmented details of a shattered mind would indicate BE LITTLE. (Lil Kim, Lil Bowow, Lil Mo, Lil Caesar, etc.) The command is to regress, be little/belittle. Nothing goes to waste and these things are used in multiple manner for doublespeak. More skulls and ritual experience abuse imagery for us all.

Now we get to another aspect of this programming garbage that involves beastiality. I have not covered it as of yet, but it's in the works. In the meantime, we have the standard horse embed within the movie, Will is looking into his reflection and has his left hand placed on a carving which happens to be a horse. WHY would a horse doodling be located on a mans wall in prison? RITUAL ABUSE OCCULT MEMORY FRAGMENTS. They are consistent with dark drawings by ritual abuse victims across the globe. Now it's in a jail cell in Hollywood. Nice.

Another interesting kick in the teeth is the blatant FRANKENSTEIN reference. Hancock cannot remember much about his life, he recalls waking up with only a ticket to see the film FRANKENSTEIN. Now folks, Frankenstein was a monster built in a laboratory by a mad scientist. If this doesn't scream mind control programming, I suppose more detail would help the cause. There is much more to Will Smith than we have understood all of these years. Let's move around a little bit on this one.

The famous film Men in Black has plenty of interesting MK themes, including the mind control abuse programming theme for flashing lights. In the film, Will is instructed to always be sure to wear sunglasses to avoid having his memory erased by the "flashy thingy" also known as the Neuralizer.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Suspicions regarding Disney's Pinocchio/wooden boy have been nagging at me with Will Smith, and gradually I have begun to see/hear connections with Pinocchio with male subjects/actors. The "not a real boy", "puppet" and seeking the "Blue Fairy" themes are abundant within film. A simple slip of Pinocchio into the dialogue is always enough to enforce ideas of anyone who is undergoing programming, and enough to just make it over the head of the typical average viewer.

Men in Black

The first thing Mr. Smith states is "The Good Guys Dress In Black". I don't know WHY the CIA just screams black suits. Could be all of the television programming I've subjected myself to over the years.

We have Will smith making mention at 1:38, threatening, "Or see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya". Jiminy Cricket? The trusted conscience of Pinocchio? A DISNEY production? You don't say...

"The title held by me, MiB, (Em I Be - Auntie Em reference for OZ), cuz what you think you saw, you did not see"...

Understand that the way things are spelled is incredibly important because they specify what they are saying. It is spelled M-i-B, used with a small i. "I Be" is is also slang for as "I AM". And of course "EM" was the caretaker of Dorothy in the wizard of OZ. Surprised?

Mr. Smith's handlers really have a knack for suggesting Will Smith's angelic persona and make sure we all see it, even though, according to them, what we thought we saw we most certainly did not see. Check out the halo used above Will's head as he explains to you he is EM.

All of the Men in Black standing in a circle...but what's with the obelisk? Nothing like a nice ancient phallic symbol to get viewers jiggy wit it.

And we are back to the alien/demonic subject here. Will is standing in the center and here comes the alien/demon to spar with Will Smith. Seance, ritual, UFO summoning, who the hell knows what these guys are up to.

The main idea of the video is you civilians need not worry. The secret government agency has your back, exists for your protection so you need not concern yourself with any occult matters. Feel free to live your lives while we handle it all just for you because we care. We care so much that we don't even let you know we exist although it is for your protection. I love this shit. Of course in the event this may have occurred to you, our "willsmith" has just the trinket to ensure your questions go unanswered.

It's amazing how in your face this one was, but of course without the language manual, it's just fun in the basement.

Will Smith Switch Video

From the Album Lost and Found

From the start, Will emerges from another room and walks past a MIRROR and up to the microphone. Flashed twice before he even begins, STORAGE is shown in red in front of him.

If one has done their homework, they would know that multiple personality disordered individuals are also used as memory banks and message couriers. The ability to program information and recall information is one of the "benefits" of having affiliations with people who are controlled. This is also why the "shhh" gesture, tattoos and signs in movies are so critical. Just a reminder.

For those who have not done their homework, a second glimpse of your celebrity has been thrown in with an arrow pointing to his chest making it simple for us to figure out.

Included in this video is "willsmith" dancing in front of an illuminated diamond shape.

Other interesting Will Smith album covers.

Robotic Mr. Smith's film poster is an interesting one (although there are variations of this poster) as it shows more "hims" emerging from his solar plexus.

More Multiple Personality Disorder references...

I Am Legend

Seven Pounds

I, Robot Trailer

I, Robot - Robotic Programming/Loyalty dialogue (remember, while this is being filmed, Will is talking to himself in this room until the CGI robot is entered into the scene via computers). Sonny is the name of the robot...much different from the typical "rainy" programming. Ironically, Will's character's name is Detective SPOONER. There is a scene in I, Robot (among many robotic programming comments) where the dialogue is completely about Hansel and Gretal. Strange.

And as usual, the clothing fits the programming.

Will's childhood embarrassment was revisited on screen in Hitch...and an old friend from his MIAMI rapping video Evam Mendes appears yet again.
Miami Video

Typical role confusion/relationship role reversal with the SMITHS. Looks like he is wearing the wrong hat...

Will Smith has also been featured throught his film history in homosexual roles or acts. While there is no issue with being homosexual, it is the spin and perception that we are fed which is convincingly to the contrary. This is a "married" heterosexual male in public view. Hollywood Madam says Will Smith is homosexual


Hitch has plenty of interesting phrases and commands layered into the dialogue, including a moment when Eva Mendez says " You just handled me". If you havent noticed by now, Mr. Smith is fantastic at hand gestures and even better at responding to them. This scene here is at the tail end of Hitch, where Hitch is trying to justify his feelings in order to be happy with this woman. Ms. Mendes appeared in Miami as stated and there is mention of them being stuck together. One more time the solar plexus is given some attention at 0:44. A bit of reversal coming up draped in humor ladies and gentlemen.

Six Degrees Of Seperation

Will Smith on Letterman

Will & Jada Smith open Scientology School:

* All videos included have been pre-downloaded in the event they magically disappear from the internet.

Will Smith compares his children to Johnny Depp & Paris Hilton

Some assorted photos. The paparazzi is excellent at photography.


  1. I like you blog ,but think you may be over analyzing shit a bit. As an actor myself who has been on many movie sets I know they don't have time to set things up in such order for all those types of synchronicity to "shine through". I think that is something that is in everyday life and also in movies, the same. I have been part of a few "odd things" in movies myself that I know just happened to be something that was not set up.

    As far as Will Smith goes I think any logical person would get that he is just bisexual. Look I am a straight guy and when choosing acting roles wouldn't want to be in a part that had to make out with a guy or do something I wouldn't normally do, to that degree. So IMO even if for all the money in the world you do something like that it's not like they cgi computer generated the gay scenes these actors and actresses do. they perform those acts and therefor by definition are gay or bisexual.

    I never knew he was into Scientology. Thats is the only thing that I really think may be "odd" about him besides he is an overrated actor. I do like him in comedies but I really don't like and can't stand when people constantly laugh at themselves [which he is guilty of a lot]. I did like Hancock though, don't know why so many people pick on that movie, I personally thought the message was great. Surely better then the shitty CGI monsters and super awful acting he did in 'I am Legend'. IMO his bad acting was really exposed in that movie when he was talking to his dog. I was embarrassed for him to be honest.

    I like your blog but, like I said think you may be over analyzing just a bit, but it still is fun to read IMO. Speaking of monarchs, did you know there is a monarch butterfly in Dora. My son came in saying "baby monarch butterfly" the other day and I almost laughed cause it is kinda funny considering what all of you that blog about that kinda stuff say, lol.

    Peace and Goddess Bless You.

  2. Hi Esoteric Kitten,

    I found this article very interesting. This tied in well with my own article on Will Smith and Barak Obama. I can't believe they actually had a darn Illuminati pyramid on the cell wall in Hancock - emerging from Hancock's fragmented subconscious.

    Henrik Palmgren kindly promoted the piece over on his Redicecreations website and it proved to be extremely popular

    I will add the link to your article into the piece for additional follow up data for my readers.

    All the best

    Bruce Fenton