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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multiple Personality Disorder

Since the impact of video as well as writing seems to help people understand this topic more, this was perfect for a brief embed. This is downloadable on google (get it while it's hot) and it goes into some peculiar aspects on Multiple Personality Disorder. All of the photographs glued to this webpage can barely do this topic justice when you have a change to observe it in action. Here is the link to download
And here is the description on it:
Documentary by Michael Mierendorf 1993. As a psychology student, I strongly recommend this film! I learned so much from it. This film is really hard to find today. I am uploading it just for education and archive proposes. Please support the film maker. Buy his latest works.

Victims Speak


  1. Have you ever looked into Social Phobia and how nine times out of ten they give them anti-depressants to cure it?

    there are a lot of psychologists/people in this profession who agree its most SF are generally just overly-shy..very few are 100% anti-social interation from a young age either.

  2. Hey EK.
    Thanks for posting the vid. I remember watching the documentary a few years ago and didn't catch the name of it. I just remember the police officer holding the teddy bear. I wanted to watch it again and you made that happen.
    Thank you!